'Episode VII's Release Date Is Too Soon

Better get to work, Star Wars fans: You only have two years to create the perfect costume for the premiere of Star Wars Episode VII . Disney has finally given the sequel that no one asked for an official release date, Dec.18, 2015. It also announced that the film will be in 3D, which was the least exciting news of all time — at this point, if it's not a romantic comedy or Wes Anderson movie, it's in 3D.

For diehard fans, December of 2015 may seem really far away, but considering that there have yet to be any official casting announcements, it's actually dangerously soon. There have even been rumors recently that say this date has put director J.J. Abrams and the rest of the film's team under enormous pressure to finish it in time, says The Hollywood Reporter.

Hey Disney, here's some advice: People have waited eight years for a movie they never even thought would exist in the first place — they can wait a few extra months for it to be done right.

The rumors came after original screenwriter, Michael Arndt, left the project, leaving Abrams and producer Kathleen Kennedy to finish the script. None of this inspires much confidence in the final project, and let's be honest, Star Wars fans deserve an amazing movie. For years they obsessed over the original trilogy and waited decades for the next three, only to be horrendously disappointed.

Don't put us through that again, Disney. This is your shot. Prove that you and Abrams can create an awesome Star Wars trilogy that remains faithful to the franchise while bringing great new characters and ideas — not Midi-chlorians. Want to show us you're on the right track? Let the next big Episode VII announcement be the casting of Michael B. Jordan.