This Kim K Parody Video Shows Contour Craziness

by Lauren Turner

Makeup has really come a long way, and more recently, a lot of that is due to the makeup trends that are cultivated by celebrities, the Kardashians being major players. And this Kim Kardashian contouring parody video not only puts those trends on display, but it also shows how ridiculous they are. Youtube star Sitara probably made the "Kim Kardashian Boob Tricks" video for a number of reasons. The first being to show people how to boost their boobs.

"This is like boob jobs for poor people," Sitara said. And she's right. If you have some bronzer or eye shadow in a dark brown, a nice plush brush, and a mirror, you can get "Kim K's" boob contouring in an instant. If you want to take the video seriously, you can see the technique of following your boob curve to exaggerate the cleavage. But if you're more like me, you're watching to see Sitara's spot-on impression of the selfie queen.

If you take the time to watch the video, you'll find that Sitara does a pretty good job, at both impersonating and contouring. Sitara flaunts her iPhone around, taking selfies with the same lip pout that Kim gives, while also showing off some serious makeup skills. If we want to talk about eyebrows being on fleek, Sitara is the perfect example. She even went so far as to replicate Kim's middle part, which she is sure to pat down a few times. In all honesty, she did a great job of being Kim, from the voice to the unusual jokes.

Let me just say: I'm not hating on Kim (not that she cares). I just find the whole concept of contouring to be pretty extreme, especially when it comes to your boobs. And now that it's the summer time, I can't imagine how anyone who boob contours can wear white because that just seems like a recipe for disaster. At the end of the day, though, everyone is entitled to contour to their heart's — and boobs — desire, Sitara (and Kim) included.

Images: Sitara/Youtube