Kendall Jenner Wears Sneakers & '90s Choker Like A Pro, 5 Times She's Pulled Off Stylish Kicks

Taking comfort to a stylish new level, Kendall Jenner's sneaker game has been off the charts lately. The model has never been one to shy away from a flat, but her athleisure style has proven to be fabulous whether she dresses it up or dresses it down. From hitting the town with her friends at night to jet-setting across the country, Jenner shows us that there's no place that a trendy sneaker can't go.

Jenner is a style icon who loves to mix and match different looks in one outfit, which is what she often does when she sports the sneaker. The trendy star took to Instagram to show off her latest ensemble, and it's the perfect example of how a pair of classic, all-white kicks can go with pretty much anything. Jenner threw on some sneaks with a black blazer and black dress combo, allowing her shoes to shine bright against the dark color palette She topped off the look with a '90s-inspired choker, making for one winning outfit.

This outfit shows how easily fashion can go hand-in-hand with comfort. Jenner makes every type of sneaker, from the most classic white Converse to bold metallic Miu Mius, look flawless and high-fashion. It doesn't hurt that she's got height on her side, but all laid-back fashionistas can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that cozy footwear can look just as stylish as stilettos.

With everything from printed pairs to one-colored wonders, Jenner continually proves just how chic sneaks can be. She's paired them with everything from dresses to skinny jeans. Check out five of her best sneaker looks below.

1. Trendy Meets Classic

Jenner combines three different trends here, pairing a classic, all-white shoe with wide-legged trousers and a light pink crop top.

2. Dressed Up Casual

Leave it to Jenner to rock this pair of fabulous Miu Mius. The metal toe is a great way to dress up a comfortable shoe.

3. Camouflaging Comfort

She snuck in some style by pairing the black Versace Medusa sneakers with mostly black pieces of clothing.

4. Mix and Match

Jenner did the impossible when she paired these Chloe sneakers with a red carpet-worthy outfit. Her wet hair and flat shoes off-set her sparkling tank and pink maxi skirt.

5. All In The Accessories

Jenner made her Adidas sneakers look runway ready by using her color-blocking skills to pull off the perfect ensemble.