Guess Which '90s Drink Is Coming Back Next?

If you've spent your entire adult life dreaming of the days when drinks that are no longer available were abundant on grocery store shelves and in vending machines everywhere, you'll be jumping for joy at today's news. I'm happy to report that Clearly Canadian is making a comeback! Robert R. Kahn, a venture capitalist and Clearly Canadian enthusiast, brought the brand back from the dead after its 2009 demise. “I grew up on Clearly Canadian,” Khan told The Star. “It was a cultural staple in the United States as much as in Canada throughout the '90s.” In order to get the brand back off the ground, they've launched a campaign asking supporters to preorder cases of Clearl Canadian, and since they've met their goal of getting 25,000 cases ordered, they're finally getting production started.

An that's not all: Original New York Seltzer is also back in business, proving that resurrection after death does indeed exist. The company went out of business 22 years ago in 1993, but they are definitely bringing seltzer back. Original New York Seltzer is selling variety packs in limited quantities through their website that include two of each of their six flavors: Black Cherry, Peach, Raspberry, Vanilla Cream, Root Beer, and Lemon & Lime. You can also buy cases of each individual flavor if there's a certain variety that you are extra passionate about.

Both companies have had very vocal supporters ask for the brands to come back, especially on social media, so it's not a huge surprise that they've made a return. They first rose to popularity during the '80s alongside such flashes in the pan like Crystal Pepsi; after the clear soda trend began dying out, though, they fell out of favor. But if you're reveling in the '90s nostalgia at the news of their return, I wouldn't be surprised if you're dreaming about other popular '90s beverages making a comeback. Here are three I would like to see back on store shelves so we can truly relive our glory days.

1. Surge

Surge was created in 1997 by Coca-Cola that was a neon green soda that has been said to be similar to Mountain Dew. It was extremely popular during it's availability through 2003 and since it's discontinuation, online fan clubs have popped up, asking Coca-Cola to bring it back. Well, they listened in 2014, but you can only buy Surge on Amazon. I don't know about you, but I'd love to be able to pick up a random can whenever I feel like it from the bodega down the block.

2. Life Savers Soda

The candy company tried its hand at soda-making in 1995 with its own line of sweet beverages. They were marketed like candy, but alas, Life Savers soda didn't last in retail for more than a year.

3. Jolt Cola

This soft drink that advertised itself as having "all the sugar and twice the caffeine," even going so far as to appear in films like Jurassic Park and Wayne's World 2. However, financial hardship in the early 2000s resulted in its discontinuation in 2009. Now they've rebranded themselves as Jolt Energy to piggyback on the popularity of energy drinks, though, so you can still get your Jolt fix if you so desire.

Images: Clearly Canadian, SURGEsoda/Facebook; originalnewyorkseltzer/Instagram; Carroll, Magill/Flickr