4 Questions For Lori On 'Finding Carter'

Throughout the first season of Finding Carter , Lori was always on Carter's mind, even as she grew closer to her biological family. Carter's since tried to put the Lori drama behind her, but a shocking revelation from Tuesday's episode "Riptide" brought Carter's kidnapper right back at the center of her universe. As revealed via a voicemail message, Lori tried to kill herself while behind bars, and it showed viewers that there's simply no way Carter can completely cut Lori out of her life — the situation may be extremely complicated, but Carter still cares about the woman who raised her. In Tuesday's episode, Carter is going to visit Lori in prison, which might mean it's finally time for Lori to reveal even more secrets about Carter's kidnapping. After all, a one-night stand with David and her egg donation to Elizabeth just can't be it, right?

Finding Carter cleared up some major questions about Lori's past in the first few episodes of Season 2, but we're nowhere near done closing the case on Carter's kidnapping. The big reveal that Lori was Carter and Taylor's biological mother through egg donation didn't exactly explain why Lori would take Carter from Elizabeth. As Carter said herself, Lori knew exactly what she was getting into when she chose to donate her eggs — why try to kidnap her biological children? As for her affair with David, that's also sketchy. Did Lori seek David out because she knew he was the father of her biological children? Did they really have a one night stand, or was David lying in an attempt to save his own family? Very little of Lori's story actually makes sense, even if it does paint a bit of a clearer picture of the events around Carter's kidnapping.

Now that Carter is going back to see Lori, it's only a matter of time before more secrets unravel. Here are a few questions for Lori, the answers to which should reveal a lot about Carter, the kidnapping, and the Wilson family.

Who Revealed Elizabeth's Identity To Lori?

Elizabeth and David both stated that they believed their egg donation process was confidential, so who spilled the beans about Lori's eggs resulting in twin girls? That person might have particularly shady motives.

How Did Lori & David's Affair Really Go Down?

Was it a one time thing, as David told the police? Or was it a longer affair that went horribly wrong? David's definitely been on his best behavior in Season 2, but that's suspicious in itself. I still don't trust David, and I wouldn't be surprised if Lori reveals that it was actually his idea to run away with her and the girls.

Who Was Lori Was Working With To Re-Kidnap Carter?

Remember when Lori was on the phone in that motel room? The person on the other end of the line must be in Lori's corner and could have helped pull off the kidnapping the first time around. Was it David? Another family member? Gammy?! (Trust no Gammy.)

Why Did Lori Really Take Carter?

Lori said that she just wanted to be a mother to her biological daughter, but I'm not buying it. Plus, it's just a tad suspicious that she thought kidnapping was the only way to go about it. Did Lori need a daughter for an entirely different reason other than a strong maternal instinct? Anything is possible on Finding Carter.

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