9 Animal Ear Headbands That'll Add Cuteness And Sass To Any Summer Festival Outfit

If you want to add a touch of frivolity to any outfit, animal ear headbands are undoubtedly the way to go. So why not rock some animal ears with your festival outfits? Celebs are loving animal ears, too, after all. Do you remember Ariana Grande's cat ear romance? It appears that throughout history, many celebrities have had a love affair with cat ears, from Audrey Hepburn to Snooki.

And who's to blame them? When one wears an animal ear headband, I think you take on certain characteristics of the particular animal. Cat ears can make you feel sultry and sassy, whereas bunny ears can add a sprinkling of quirky cuteness to your ensemble.

Festival season is fast approaching, so here's a selection of animal ear headbands to help add that certain "je ne sais quoi" to your outfits. Plus, they'll probably take the attention away from your unwashed hair... Bonus!

The Jessica Rabbit Ears

Channel your inner siren with these scarlet, satin bunny ears.

Red Satin Bunny Hairband, $18,

The Floral Kitty Ears

Look blooming beautiful in these cute, flowery cat ears.

Flower Cat Ears Headband, $5,

The Bejeweled Bunny Ears

Dazzle everyone in the rave tent with these sparkling bunny ears.

Liberace Bunny Ears, $46,

The Bear-necessities Ears

Tired of bunnies and cats? Try these adorable crochet bear ears instead.

Modern Crochet, “Bear Ears,” $18,

The Loved Up Ears

These romantic animal ears have a certain Care Bears vibe about them.

Rhinestoned Heart Ear Headband, $4,

The Leopard Lady Ears

Pair these cat ears with a leopard print dress for a head-to-toe feline femme outfit.

Faux Fur Cat Ears, $8,

The Subtle Ears

Choose when you want to rock some subtle ears (or not) with this wire wrap headband.

River Island Encrusted Wire Wrap Headband, $18,

The Reindeer Ears

Reindeer are for life — not just for Christmas!

Glitter Reindeer Antler Headband, $31,

The Lacy Ears

These bunny ears come complete with a mask to exude luxe, ladylike vibes.

Lace Bunny Ears, $10,