New Katy Perry Album On The Way (& We Can't Wait)

Katy Perry fans, put on your donut-shaped bras and green mascara 'cause it's time to party. You might be wondering what the occasion might be to warrant such celebration. Well, Katy Perry's manager just announced that Katy Perry will release her next album by 2016. That's right, she has a new album on the way and there are so many reason to get excited for Katy Perry's new album.

Though Perry doesn't even wrap up the last leg of her Prismatic World Tour until this October, Perry's manager, Steven Jensen, insists that an album drop will be likely in the next eight months. Sounds like someone will be having a busy few months (and we're very thankful for that if it means new KP music).

I am only moments off of this big announcement and I can barely contain my excitement. I am beside myself with delight and I have succumbed to a euphoria so strong that I can barely see to type right now.

I can only imagine the wonders that are in store for us with this new batch of Katy Perry muscial treats that we will be cooked up for us in the coming months. Join me in partaking in this exciting moment as I explore all the ways in which one might be pumped about Katy Perry's new album news.

Loads of Girl Power

Even if you're not a fan of Katy Perry (and why on Earth would you not be?), you can't deny that her music can be pretty empowering. I can only hope there's much more where that came from.

The Potential For More Dancing Sharks

We want more left shark. We need more left shark. We WILL NOT STOP until we get more left shark.

More Colorful Music Videos

I have never done LSD. I have also never experienced anything closer to what I imagine an LSD trip would be like than Katy Perry's music video for "California Girls." I expect her next album will proceed in a similar fashion with lots of fun music videos.

And Lots of Colorful Hair, Too

Katy Perry is not exactly what you would call conservative when it comes to her fashion, makeup, and hair choices. Katy Perry is actually not what you would call conservative in any regard and that is why I love her. I can only imagine the bountiful array of neon wigs that will find their way into our lives in over the next eight months.

New Songs to Belt Out at the Top of Your Lungs

Roll down your windows, turn the radio up, and prepare your vocal chords to sing in an horrifically loud and off-key voice.

New Drunk Jams

One of my most favorite pasttimes is getting a lil' tipsy, standing on top of an elevated surface, and belting out Katy Perry lyrics at the top of my lungs (accompanied by some dope dance moves, obviously). I'm sure I'm not alone in this one and I encourage all of you to partake in this specific brand of frivolity at some point in the very near future.

More Snoop Dogg (Hopefully)

I'm only joking about this one; there are no rumors out there that support my fervent desire for another Snoop Dogg/KP collaboration. But a girl can dream, right?

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