When Is Katy Perry’s New Album Coming Out? It Could Be Here Sooner Than You Think

Believe it or not, Katy Perry's new album could be here soon. According to Idolator, Perry's manager, Steven Jensen, recently announced at the All That Matters music conference in Singapore that she's planning to release her next LP "by 2016." In other words, we could be hearing new music from the "Roar" hit-maker in less than eight months. Wow. Come to think of it, these days, pop stars often put out a lead single eight weeks or so before an album, so we could actually be hearing new music from Perry in less than six months! Whoa. The joy I'm feeling right now is... indescribable.

Perry's been busy with her Prismatic Tour for the majority of 2015, but it's not uncommon for artists to begin working on a new project while they're still promoting their last one. Perry's next show isn't until Sept. 22, so she could be writing and recording the follow-up to 2013's PRISM right this very second! A new album by 2016 definitely seems possible.

Still, it's important to remember that this information hasn't been confirmed yet. Unfortunately, plans change all the time in the music world. Regardless, I have some things to say about what I'd like to hear from Perry's next offering. Here's my "wish list":

Two Words: Max Martin

Paul A. Hebert/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

My love for Swedish producer Max Martin is well-documented on the Internet. I think he's a musical genius. He helped create some of Perry's most memorable songs ("California Gurls," "Wide Awake," "Dark Horse," etc.) and I want to hear more.

Lots & Lots Of Bonnie McKee

My love for pop songwriter Bonnie McKee is well-documented online, too. I also think she's a musical genius. She co-wrote Perry's best song ("Teenage Dream," duh) and I want to hear more!

Three Words: The Rihanna Collaboration

I've accepted the fact that a Katy Perry/Rihanna collaboration may never happen... but I still yearn for it every now and then. I yearn!

Fewer Slow Songs

Songs like "I'm Still Breathing" from One of the Boys, "Who Am I Living For?" from Teenage Dream, and "By the Grace of God" from PRISM contain touching, personal lyrics (and I do appreciate that), but I think Perry pulls off lighter, mid or up-tempo stuff much better overall. It's almost as if pop stars think they have a slow song/ballad quota they must meet for each album or something. (Maybe some of them do! Who knows.)

I'd like to see Perry be bold and put out a record made up entirely of fun, carefree tracks. I guess I'd be fine with one or two slow ones making the final cut... but only if they're really good!

Stay tuned.

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