9 Moments From Jennifer Aniston & Matthew Perry's Windows 95 Tutorial Video That Are So Dated, It's Just Hilarious — VIDEO

One of the most entertaining things about Friends being on Netflix is being able to relive all of the woefully out-of-date references — especially when it comes to technology. Like, you should hear Chandler talk about the Internet, because it'll undoubtedly bring you back to a simpler time when "swiping" and "dating" were mutually exclusive. As awesome as all of the giant cell phones and answering machines are, though, the best tech throwback from the series actually happened off the air. Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry appeared in a Windows 95 training video that helped customers navigate this whole "web" phenomenon. It has all of Chandler's classic oversized blazers and sarcasm as well as Rachel's iconic hair and eye rolls — but it trades coffee cups for keyboards. It's a video so painfully nostalgic that you just have to see it to believe it.

Throughout the video, Aniston and Perry take you through the, "good proof," tools of Windows 95, and even get to play some totally awesome games. They even get to learn what right clicking does! Obviously, it's some truly revolutionary stuff.

As much as I kid, though, it's worth noting that back when this video was released...about twenty years ago...all of this technology really was new. (And yes, pleats like that were in fashion.)

Here are the most ridiculously wonderful moments from Friends' Windows tutorial, aka the "World's First Cyber Sitcom." Enjoy.

When They Enter The REAL Fifth Floor Of Microsoft

"Task bars, and e-mails, and shortcuts OH MY!"

When They Talked About Their Technology Backgrounds

"I'm still mastering things like Pong."

When Jennifer Aniston Slays With This Comeback

"Where's the button that deletes anyone who calls me 'Honey'?" YAAAS, JEN, YAS.

When They Show Us Bill Gates' Folder Names

Phenomenal stuff here.

When Jen Lays Down The Law

"This is Bill Gates' office, not a rave party."

When This Dude Offers Them Club Drugs In The Form Of Right-Clicking

"You ever try any right-clicking?"

When Matthew Perry Was Inspired By Windows Plus

"With Windows 95, you can pretty much impose your will on your PC... and the world."

When The Band Arrived With Their CD

And they were "totally digital."

When Jen Presses The Red Button


Watch the whole thing here...if you dare:

Images: FoolTechfromtheAshes/YouTube (10)