When Is Nicki Minaj's Next Album Coming Out? Fans Are Already Dying For More

Though it's only been six months since Nicki Minaj dropped her latest album, The Pinkprint, anticipation for her next release is already starting to eat away at me. (What can I say? Impatience is my downfall.) So, I'm sure I'm not the only fan wondering when Nicki Minaj's next album is coming out. After all, considering the last of The Pinkprint's radio-ready singles "Feeling Myself" recently hit the airwaves, it seems about time we get some new info on her next release. When will Minaj get back in the studio and start making more music?

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem the answer is as simple as the question itself. There's been no word from Minaj herself, and no indication that anything is on the way, so we're all going to have to keep playing "Feeling Myself" on repeat for the foreseeable future.

It is worth noting, however, that in the past, Minaj has released a new album every two years (Pink Friday in 2010, Pink Friday: Reloaded in 2012, and The Pinkprint in 2014) — which could be indicative of a trend. It's also worth noting that this two-year plan has, so far, been pretty beneficial for her career, so it could mean that she'd be inclined to keep it up: Minaj managed to stay in the public conscious because she was constantly performing as a featured artist on other musician's songs, particularly in her earlier days. Even if she wasn't releasing her own work, she was everywhere, and the hype around her solo albums because of it was surreal. Of course, this trend could just be a coincidence, but still: for fans desperate for new info, it could spark some hope to hold on to.


This theory may seem like grasping at straws, and understandably so — but can you blame me? The amount of talent pumping through Minaj's veins is super human, the world needs more of her music. When I first heard Nicki Minaj's exceptional, legendary performance on Kanye West's "Monster," I basically listened to the song 76 times in a row (and I haven't stopped since). Additionally, "Super Bass" has been stuck in my head for over four years — and I haven't stopped dancing since "Anaconda" slithered into my ears.

Of course, rushing an album might do even more damage than good. The Pinkprint is only six months old at this point, so I'm definitely not saying Nicki Minaj needs to get an album out right this second — but hopefully we'll get some hint in the near future as to when we should expect another album.

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