Uber For Dogs: How You Get Paid To Hang With Pups

Have you ever dreamed of a that would somehow set you up with a dog? Going on Tinder dates sounds like a perfectly good Friday night, but you know what sounds better? An Saturday afternoon date with a dog that I can get paid for. That's the kind of morale boosting day date I want to go on. Luckily, it's 2015 and there's an app for that. We now have an Uber for dogs: Wag, the dog walking service app. I just applied and you should too.

I'm a huge fan of side jobs, and that's only escalated since moving to LA which is a city filled with good people who don't have day jobs because everyone's busy being ~creative~ or talking about avocados. (I can't knock it, because I write from my bed about 8 hours/day.)

What I'm saying is in LA, there's an endless supply of catering gigs, marketings events or kids who need a ride to little league, all of which serve as great ways to make extra money. But nothing has ever been as ideal as an app that pays you $25/hour (at most) to walk dogs.

Feeling good about this so far?

Here's what you do:

Visit their website, and click "Become A Walker" in the top right corner.

My photo shop skills are pretty subtle, I know.

If you use the app instead, you have to register and then you can select "Become A Walker" from the menu on the bottom left corner. (I recommend using the website, it's a little more straight forward.)

But if you got too excited about this, didn't think it through and chose to use the app (like I did), look right here:

The application will take you 5 minutes, and asks simple, routine questions:

I considered writing, "I seek validation in canine love," but ultimately thought better of it.

Yes, I will pass a background check, but FYI I am liable to Instagram your dog.

My application is officially pending. Cross your fingers for me, guys. Sign up, and hope to see you at the dog park.

Images: Wag, Giphy, Getty