Kate Space x Everpurse Is About To Extend Your Phone's Battery Life By Charging It In Style

I love my phone and how it can entertain me during my morning commutes, but I hate how the battery is always in the red zone by the time I’m at work. External batteries are often too chunky for my taste, which is why the Everpurse and Kate Spade & Co. collaboration is about to change my (and your) phone’s battery life forever. With the quirky-cute and bubbly style of Kate Spade, plus the technology and purse organization of Everpurse, all of you who are often draining your phone’s battery with music, videos, and podcasts will absolutely need to shop one of these. Oh, and yes, it's super cute, too.

Available for the iPhone 5 through the 6 Plus, these wirelessly charging totes, clutches, wristlets, and backpacks will charge your phone with a charging mat. All you have to do is place the wireless charging mat on a flat surface, then place your purse on top of it. While your purse is in contact with the charging mat, your phone will charge simultaneously within one of the purse’s pockets. Alternatively, you can charge your purse in advance. On one full charge, the purse can last the following two days to juice your phone back to 100%.

If you’re willing to drop anywhere from $200 to $700 for these handy handbags, they will be available for purchase in September.

Image: Everpurse/Facebook; modmyi/Twitter