This Dream Reunion Is Not A Dream

First things first, I feel it's imperative that I point out how many dream-related puns there are to be made about this impromptu reunion of the band, Dream. "This is not a dream, it is Dream." Or, perhaps, "this Dream reunion is not a dream." Maybe, if you want to go crazy, "this Dream reunion is not a dream and it's totally dreamy!" See? THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS HERE, GUYS.

Ahem. Now that we've gotten that out of the way, I'll move on and report the actual news: So the band Dream — who, though they have tried several comebacks, haven'treally been heard from since 2000 when their biggest single, "He Loves U Not," was released — apparently had an impromptu reunion this month, which consisted of them performing two of their most well-known songs: The aforementioned "He Loves U Not," and their 2001 single, "This Is Me."

Though there's no indication of what prompted the reunion — maybe there's a comeback album in the works?! Please tell me there's a comeback album in the works, guys! — it's an amazing display of '90s nostalgia. Tell me that you can watch these videos without immediately going to look up the actual music videos for the songs, and marveling at how amazing the early '00s were for music.



Music has never been the same.

In addition to the reunion performances, Dream member Ashley Poole posted a photo of herself with the rest of the gals — Holly Arnstein, Diana Ortiz, and Melissa Schuman — at dinner, with the caption, "Last night with my babes. #Soulmates #HighschoolReunion #Dream."

So...who wants to start the campaign to get these gals to start making new music together?

Images: Debbie Hammond/YouTube (2)