Grid Cells Are The Newest Fashion Trend, Thanks To Nobel Prize Winner May-Britt Moser

May-Britt Moser won the Nobel Prize for her discovery of our brains' inner GPS system, and so naturally she wore a dress to accept her award that was inspired by her discovery of grid cells. British fashion designer Matthew Hubble designed a dress for Moser that featured a neuron pattern to represent her groundbreaking work in neuroscience. The dress became a viral sensation, and now, Hubble is designing a collection based around grid cells.

Hubble's autumn-winter 2015 collection includes a plethora of grid cell-inspired pieces, including dresses, tops, jackets and scarves that feature the neuroscience motif, so if you ever need to explain to someone what exactly a grid-cell is (which I'm still trying to understand) you'll have your clothing to use as a guide. The collection will be available this fall and the pieces will range from £245 to £5,800.

Moser's dress is a part of Hubble's collection, but unfortunately, it's a little expensive. As in impossible to buy unless you've won a Nobel Prize. Literally. Hubble has the dress listed on his website as "Available only with Nobel Prize." So perhaps you should start with one of Hubble's other pieces and use it as motivation to win a Nobel Prize so you can score a dress as sweet at Moser's grid cell gown.

Now, while I don't completely understand grid cells or how they're represented in Hubble's collection, I do think that some of the pieces are really cool, especially the structured leather pieces.

May-Britt Moser's Grid Cell-Inspired Nobel Prize Dress

Images: Matthew Hubble (2)