Emma Swan Will Teach You How To Be A Hero

Look, I know things in Storybrooke right now are a bit of a disaster, but have faith! While Emma Swan may have switched from Savior to Dark One to preserve Regina's happiness (and likely the lives of everyone else in town), I've got faith that Season 5 of Once Upon A Time will eventually find a way to once again restore balance and bring Emma and her light magic back to us. After all, the town wouldn't be the same without her, and while the idea of darkness overtaking her has been played with for a while, the chances of the product of true love going full-blown evil for good are slim to none — especially considering how many people are going to fight to keep that happening.

Nonetheless, the idea of a dark Emma, trapped with the eternal burden of being the Dark One with no escape in sight, is an upsetting one, so I feel like the best thing we can do at the moment is just distract ourselves and remember all the amazing things she's done so far during her time in Storybrooke. I don't know about you, but I'm constantly channeling my inner Swan when I need to kick things up a notch and reach my fullest kick-ass potential.

When you feel like you need a little inspiration, just look to Emma to light your way. I promise, it'll help.

When She Didn't Let Anyone Tell Her Who She Is

Sure, Emma might be the Savior, but she's also a human being that has needs and is complicated and doesn't have it all figured out. She might have been pressured to be someone else, but she wasn't going to let that happen.

When She Stood Up To Her Bully

Back in Season 1, Regina wanted Emma out of Storybrooke and tried every possible tactic to make it happen. Newsflash: it didn't work. Every time Regina pushed, Emma pushed back harder. I think the lesson here is pretty obvious. Plus, sometimes our worst enemies can become our closest friends.

When She Consistently Set A Good Example For Her Son

Being the Savior carries a ton of responsibility, but being a mother does, too, and Emma's priority has always been ensuring that Henry has the best possible upbringing he can, and that she's the best mom she can be now that she's back in his life.

When She Found It In Her Heart To Forgive

No matter what Regina did to her, Emma saw the good in the Evil Queen and when Regina was ready to seek forgiveness, Emma was willing to give it. She believes people deserve second chances.

When She Let Herself Be Vulnerable

Just because you're a hero doesn't mean you're also not human. Sometimes the bravest thing you can do is let your guard down — a lesson that took Emma a long time to learn, but definitely paid off in the end.

When She Kept Her Promise, At All Costs

When Emma says something, she means it, and she'll do everything in her power (including SACRIFICING HER SOUL TO DARKNESS) to keep her word. If that's not valiant, I don't know what is.

When She Had Enough & Took Charge

Sometimes you get to a point where enough is enough, and you've finally got to step in and change the situation. Emma's never been afraid to do it. Maybe it's a hero thing, but we could all learn a thing or two about stepping up to the plate from her.

When She Chose To Believe In The Impossible

I mean, sure, the evidence that Henry's theory about the story book being real life was mounting, but in Emma's world, the very idea that she was the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming and that Regina was the Evil Queen was ludicrous. But eventually she took a leap of faith, and it changed everything.

When She Learned To Accept Help

If you're the Savior, you probably feel like it's up to you alone to make things right. But any good hero knows she can't work alone, and it was when Emma started trusting the people around her that her powers truly took off.

When She Didn't Put Up With Any Crap

If you think you're gonna get one over on Emma Swan, you're sorely mistaken. She's got an uncanny ability to tell when people are lying, and she isn't going to let you get away with any slimy, underhanded crap, so be forewarned.

When She Recognized Something Good When It Was Right In Front Of Her

Because who can't appreciate bear claws? Mmm, sugary goodness.

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