Kim K Vs. The Rock: Ultimate Selfie Showdown

As a writer, it is my foremost duty to bring you the most hard-hitting, groundbreaking news possible, which is why I am reaching out to you with this article at this very moment. In a landmark historical moment, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson broke the Guiness World Record for most selfies taken in three minutes on May 21 at the premiere of his new action/disaster flick entitled San Andreas. Which has us all asking, "what about Kim Kardashian?!" Has The Rock usurped Kim K. in selfie notoriety? Let's take a closer look as our two favorite selfie-takers go head-to-head in Kim Kardashian vs. The Rock: the ultimate selfie showdown.

So who will reign supreme in this battle of egos? Will the Rock win because he holds the title or will Kim's very public love for the selfie clench her the win?

It's only fair to come up with a few areas of focus through which to analyze the relative merits of each of these selfie fanatics and I have set forth some stringent criteria through which to assess who will earn the ultimate title of the King or Queen of selfies.

So without further ado, I give you the head-to-head ultimate selfie showdown between Kim Kardashian and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. In the words of fratty guys everywhere, "Let's gooooooooooo!"

Association with the Selfie

So this one is all about notoriety. Who is most associated with the selfie? I barely even have to go into this one because I know that you're all immediately like "Well duh, Kim K. wins this one, she had a damn book pulbished that was full of her selfies." Sorry to The Rock, but you don't have a horse in this particular race.

Level Of Fame

Kim Kardashian and the rest of her family are know for being somewhat narcissitic and yet we can't stop eating up all the glamours selfies that we are inundated with on a regular basis. We expect selfies of them and we want (however reluctantly) more selfies of them. We can't say the same for The Rock. This one goes out to Kim as well.

Official Titles

There aren't many official capacities through which I can measure this battle. The only solidly official criteria that I can go off of is any selfie-related awards that might have been granted to either contestants. With The Rock's new world record, he obviously wins this one by a landslide (get it? Rocks? Landslide?). He's a WORLD record holder, for goodness sake. He's the most prolific selfie taker in the world and he has the title to prove it.


If you're going to be an avid selfie taker, you have to do things to keep your audience interested. Every photo can't look the same or you'll bore your following. No offense to the rock, but Kim has a little more up her sleeve to keep things interesting.

From her stint with platinum hair to her ever-changing makeup and fashion choices, Kim always keep us on our toes. The Rock just doesn't have Kim's versatility.

The Verdict

Though I commend The Rock for his Guiness World Record, Kim has spent years perfectly finetuning her selfie game and making it a worldwide phenomenon. She is the Queen of Selfies undoubtedly and, despite Rock's valient efforts, I think he will have to step down and accept his title as the Prince of Selfies.

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