What Life Is Like Without 'Parks and Rec'

Dear NBC, The Voice is cool and all, but does it really need an extra episode every Thursday? Did you really need to put Parks and Recreation on hiatus to make way for more of Carson Daly? Are the all-powerful live shows really worth life without Leslie Knope? No, they aren't. Understandably, NBC's ratings beg to differ, but for those of us who've become accustomed to the sweet, sweet sound of Leslie on a mission or April in a fit of boredom or Donna on a social media binge, listening to a string of amateur singers is worse than giant televised nails on a chalkboard.

With only one more week to go in this Parks and Rec drought, our resolve is weakening. There's only so much we can take and if we're going to make it to Nov. 14 at 8 P.M., when Parks and Rec finally returns, we're going to have to stick together.

So, let us commiserate together, Amy Poehlerites, and let the world (and NBC) know what this dearth of Pawnee living has done to us.

First, we learned that there'd only be a few episodes of Parks and Rec left in 2013.

Then, episodes of The Voice took its smug spot in place of Parks.

"But the ratings are so good!" cried NBC.

We don't care about ratings, NBC. Bring back Leslie or Cee-Lo's cat gets it.

That didn't work. So we were forced to accept yet another week without our beloved Pawnee.

We tried to like The Voice, but our bitterness prevailed.

So we double-checked the Parks and Rec website. Yep, still Nov. 14.

So we're forced to pull a Leslie on ourselves and persevere anyway.

If Leslie Knope can keep going when Pawnee is trying to recall her, we can make it seven days until Parks returns to us like the pets in Homeward Bound. Hang in there. I love you. Bye.

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