What Your Favorite Sex Position Says About You

Sexual positions are like outfits: You have different ones for different moods. Just like that sexy little red dress with the spaghetti straps sitting in the back of your closet, there’s always a sexual position you can’t wait to come back to. A favorite, if you will. Sure, there may be many other factors contributing to your choice of position, such as the size of the penis, your energy levels, the time of day, and your varying heights. But like all things in life, there is surely a deeper meaning to your favorite sex position.

It’s not just how often you like to have sex; it’s how you do it. Some like it fast. Some like it slow. Some like it swinging from the chandeliers. Some like it slow and steady like a tortoise. And that’s just the pace. Positions are a whole other factor.

In other words, it’s no coincidence that you keep going back to the same position(s) over and over again. While some of you may like missionary, others may prefer doggy style or spooning. Ultimately, your fave position is probably the one that gives you the best orgasm. But your preference also offers insight into your personality and your sex life.


Missionary is great sometimes, like Sisqo's "Thong Song" or chili-covered fries. But as a favorite? Well, that's a whole different story. Some people might criticize you for being "basic," but I personally think there's nothing wrong with vanilla. Gals who like missionary want intimacy, but not necessarily an orgasm.


Well, we all know who's wearing the pants in this relationship! And good for you. You like to be in charge at all times. In fact you almost never get drunk, for fear of losing control. From jobs to men to shoes, you go after what you want, and you don't let anything stop you. So when it comes to getting off, you're not wasting any time. Woman on top is great for stimulating the clitoris. No point in messing with those other positions. Sheryl Sandberg would be proud.

Doggy Style

What you lose in intimacy, you make up for in deeper penetration. Most animals have sex this way, so you're in good company. Get in and get off! You are one spicy chick, and clearly on trend with other millennials . You like your Thai curry with a little extra spice, and you think nothing of getting on stage to sing karaoke at the top of your lungs. You're adventurous, but sometimes you may want to tone it down and change things up.


You are just a warm and cuddly little teddy bear. Little do people know that underneath your seemingly regular exterior, you are a pile of mush. Maybe even Jello. Those Sally Struthers commercials make you cry like a little baby. Romantic at heart, you love to please your partner. Awww, so tender.

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