This Is The Most Common Sex Position For Women

If you've ever found yourself wondering where your go-to move falls among the most common sex positions for women, speculate no more: There's an app for that. Glow, an app for tracking your ovulation and fertility, also uses data collected from various avenues via the app to educate women about sex and reproductive health. The app itself is pretty cool — if you use it consistently, it tells you things like when your next period is due and what percent chance you have of getting pregnant on any given day. This is obviously useful for women who are trying to get pregnant, but it's also great for women who are not. If you use "fertility awareness," aka "natural family planning" or the rhythm method, this app is exceptionally helpful, but even if you're on birth control, the app tracks other components of your reproductive and hormonal makeup to help reveal things like emotional and physical wellbeing alongside fertility. Pretty cool.

Glow incorporates polls, and also gathers anonymized data about all things fertility-related as women input information — everything from when their last period was to when they last had sex, and plenty of stuff in between. They don't just ask about how women have sex, they find out when they have sex, and how they felt when they were doing it.

For example, they found that women feel "most frisky" around the 14th and 15th days of their cycle (around ovulation), and least in the mood on the first day. Women reported their highest levels of interest in sex fell around ovulation (50.3 percent), with the first part of their cycles coming in second (25.1 percent), and the last part of their cycles next (18.6 percent). In last place was the "other" category (5.9 percent), which makes me think that perhaps a small percentage of women didn't really understand the question, since there aren't really any other parts of the cycle besides beginning, middle and end.

Without further ado, here's the breakdown of how women have sex.

1. 54 Percent Of Women Reported Having "On Bottom" Sex Most Of The Time

This includes anything from missionary to the eagle, and it seems to be the most popular route for women. Glow found that the position in which women have sex doesn't really vary throughout the cycle — if women mostly have sex on top, they do so throughout the entire course of the month.

2. 20 Percent Of Women Said They Wind Up Having "On Top" Sex Most Of The Time.

Woman-on-top was much less common, but was the best method for women to have an orgasm — a 20 percent rate of improvement over other methods, and a 33 percent improvement over "in front" sex.

3. Speaking Of "In Front," 17 Percent Of Women Said This Is The Way They Usually Go.

I'm assuming this means anything from doggy style to starfish.

4. And Then There's The Infamous "Other" Category.

In the anything-goes bracket, nine percent of women reported that they favor other sex positions. Use your imagination!

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