James Franco Shaved His Beard So Let's Remember All The Good Times We Had With It — PHOTOS

It's great to see that J. Franks finally took his mom's advice and eradicated those whiskers of his. At least, I'm imagining that Mama Franco has told her son on many occasions, "Why don't you get rid of that horrible thing on your face? You'd be SO much more handsome!" That's right, folks. James Franco shaved his beard, in apparent preparation for a long summer ahead of us. After all, it was getting a little long.

The actor turned to, where else, but Instagram to share a snap of his newly shorn face. Judging from his expression of satisfaction and his all-caps caption "BEARD. IS. GONE," we can guess that he's pretty excited about the change. Going back through his feed, it seems that Franks hasn't shaven in quite a long time — at least in 2015. His beard started out loosely as a goatee, but has in more recent months spread to his cheeks proper. In this writer's opinion, he made the right decision. Things were verging on "recluse beard" territory.

Sure, he'll miss finding bits of food in his mustache hours after he's eaten. Sure, he no longer has the ability to make a flower beard. But I'm sure he's happy to feel the wind on his chin again.

Let's get a look at a "before" shot. Here is Franco, just days prior to his great shave.

Clearly, he was ready for a change. That, however, doesn't mean that they didn't share a profound bond. Let's take a walk down memory lane and reminisce about all the great times that the actor shared with his FrancoBeard.

The Time It Met Elton John

Captain fantastic and a prodigious facial mane.

When It Went Horseback Riding

Look at all the fun they have!!!

The Time He Introduced His Beard To A Trucker Hat

Somebody get this dude a PBR...

When It Met The Disney Princesses

Gang's all here!!!

All The Times They Had Pillow Talk

Sometimes the best memories are made when hanging out and doing nothing.

When The Goatee Met Cookie Monster


When The FrancoBeard Was On A T-shirt

The ultimate honor.

Image: Getty; James Franco/ Instagram (7)