Paul McCartney Brings Dave Grohl Onstage For "I Saw Her Standing There" & The Hit Song Has Never Sounded Better — VIDEO

Everyone stop what you're doing, because something ridiculously awesome happened in London last night. Two epic artists collided in a way that was so amaze-balls, it likely catalyzed an international cry of, "YAS!!" During Paul McCartney's Saturday, May 24 concert at the O2 Arena, the Beatles legend brought Foo Fighters' frontman, Dave Grohl, onstage for his performance of "I Saw Her Standing There". The two previously collaborated on the same song at the 2009 Grammy Awards and clearly fans — along with McCartney and Grohl — desperately needed an encore of said performance. And oh what an encore it was!

While the Grammys duet featured Grohl on drums, the rocker took on a guitar and shared a mike with McCartney for the energizing showstopper on Saturday. "I Saw Her Standing There" is obviously legendary all on its own, but Grohl's recent cameo may be my favorite version of the classic hit. When the two share the mike and hit that infamous "OOOH!" at the end of the chorus — perfectly in sync, I might add — it is equal parts adorable and awesome. Grohl was quick to insert some on fleek head-banging while rocking out, and the instrumental break that comes up before the two-minute mark on the video of the performance is pretty much everything. Along with Grohl's cameo, McCartney gave fans an extra special treat by performing his 1980 McCartney II track, "Temporary Secretary", for the first time live.

Here's to hoping we can expect more McCartney/Grohl collaborations in the future! Ch-ch-check out the amazing performance below:

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