Anne Meara Dies At 85 & The Mother Of Ben Stiller Will Be Remembered For These Outstanding Performances

Sad news came on Saturday, May, 24, as it was announced that actress and comedian, Anne Meara, died at the age of 85. Meara is survived by her husband, Jerry Stiller, and children, Ben and Amy Stiller. Meara's illustrious career began during the 1960s, when she and husband, Jerry, brought laughs as a timeless comedy duo on The Ed Sullivan Show. Since gleaning fame in the 1960s, Meara went on to display her inimitable talent and versatility by taking on various roles, receiving honors such as: a Writers Guild Award for writing the TV movie, The Other Woman in 1984; a Tony nomination for her acclaimed work in Anna Christie in 1993, and various Emmy nominations among others. Meara also received a Lifetime Achievement Award and garnered a star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Meara showed great range in her acting with dramatic roles on Homicide: Life On The Street and Oz. Fans and critics alike were delighted to see Meara often costar alongside her husband, Jerry, and son, Ben, in films such as Night At The Museum and Zoolander, and on the hit sitcom The King of Queens. To celebrate Meara's many achievements, inspiration, and timeless work, see a video collection of some of her memorable roles below.

Mary Brady, Sex And The City

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Meara played a recurring role on the HBO hit, Sex and the City, as Steve Brady's mother, Mary. Oft comical as an overbearing mother — and Miranda Hobb's eventual mother-in-law — it was during the close of the series that Meara delivered a poignant and heart-wrenching performance when Steve and Miranda discovered Mary had begun suffering from Alzheimer's.

Mary Elizabeth Doyle, The Ed Sullivan Show

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Meara and Stiller had a hilarious ongoing routine featured on The Ed Sullivan Show where Meara would portray a woman named Mary Elizabeth Doyle and Stiller would portray a man named Hershey Horowitz. The two performed their sketch, "Computer Dating", on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.

Veronica Rooney, Archie Bunker's Place

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Meara received four Emmy nominations for her role on Archie Bunker's Place in the 1980s.

Rita Malone, The Daytrippers

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Meara received various accolades for her work as a meddling mother in the 1996 film, The Daytrippers.

Veronica Olchin, King Of Queens

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Meara was hilarious as the recurring character of Veronica Olchin on King Of Queens, as she acted alongside her husband as a perpetually rebuffed love interest.

Protester, Zoolander

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Although a small, uncredited roll, Meara was one of the highlights of the uproarious 2001 hit, Zoolander, which starred Meara's son, Ben Stiller, and costarred her husband, Jerry Stiller.