Things Aren't Looking Good For Cersei On 'GoT'

See, that's the thing about double crossing someone. Sooner or later all of that karma is bound to catch up with you. And, thanks to Sunday night's Game of Thrones episode "The Gift," that's exactly what seems to be happening to our infamous Queen of King's Landing. Cersei has now been arrested by the Faith (aka that religious group that she hired), which means someone is about to get a big taste of her own medicine. You see, it turns out that her cousin Lancel isn't so great at keeping secrets anymore now that he's become all buddy-buddy with the High Septon. He's heard about Cersei's own adulterous deeds straight from the horse's mouth, so to speak. But, if you're concerned about whether or not Cersei will die on Game of Thrones by the Faith's hand, let me assure you that her fate will play out in a very surprising way, especially for all non-book readers.

(Warning: if you'd rather remain like Jon Snow and know nothing until it happens, I suggest you stop reading ASAP. Book spoilers abound!) If the show follows the book's fate for her, as punishment for her own list of crimes, Cersei will perform a nude "walk of shame" of sorts. What exactly does that entail, you may ask? Well, first of all, the Faith will remove all of her body hair and then force her to walk the streets of King's Landing completely naked. (Think of it like that dream that we all have about going to school/work naked, only 100 times worse.) They call this the "walk of atonement" and its sole purpose is to basically humiliate women who are thought of as being too sexually provocative.

I'm not going to lie, this is not going to be a pleasant thing to witness. Nobody, not even someone who's proven to be as horrible as Cersei, deserves this kind of humiliation. True, she is the one who set this religious group's actions in motion, and, yeah, maybe she should've thought about the ramifications of having such a "close" cousin be a member. But, I'm still not going to be able to take any sense of justice from this. Does she deserve to be punished for all of her lies and countless misdeeds? Absolutely. But, this is not the way I would choose to go about doing it. If it was up to me, I'd just tell her she's forbidden from ever drinking another glass of red wine again. Now THAT would be the fitting kind of endless torture she so rightfully deserves.

Image: Helen Sloan/HBO