You Do This When You're Most Fertile

I’ve always been a blusher. It’s unbelievable how easy it is for me to turn red in the face at the mention of certain topics, or at my own stupidity. I had long believed it was just the burden of being a mildly social awkward woman, but nope. The truth is that I’m just fertile as hell. According to science, incessant blushing means you're fertile, or more specifically, that your ovaries are ready to get their groove on and make some babies.

The study out of Glasgow University found that a woman’s face gets redder when the hormone oestradiol is at its highest levels. Oestradiol is a hormone that promotes fertility, so not only does it cause the blushing but, in turn, that blushing makes us more attractive to men, because, as it is with human biology, everything is about procreating.

The researchers also found that the amount of oestradiol levels vary throughout a women’s menstrual cycle, and women are more likely to wear red tones when she is most fertile. Human beings aren’t alone in this biological phenomenon. Other primates, as well, experience a red flushing of the face, and in apes it’s males who are the ones turning red more so than the females.

But while the research could identify that the redness of the face is definitely an indicator of fertility and one’s desire to get it on, at least biologically speaking, what they’ve yet to figure out is if the “red effect” was deliberate or just a random thing that occurred because of the hormone that evolved. As lead researcher, Professor Benedict Jones, points out, it's the age-old "chicken or the egg," in wondering what came first. However, we’ll leave Jones and her team to figure that one out, if they ever do, and let them get back to us.

What we do know is that your blushing makes you even more irresistible than usual, and now you have an answer as to why you have an urge once of month to wear something red as opposed to your usual grey and black wardrobe. What this also means is that on those red days, more than any others, you should be using condoms if you're not ready to have a kiddo, you fertile lil minx you.

Images: Ben Raynal/Flickr; Giphy(2)