The Best Waterproof Makeup That'll Stay On Even When You're Splashing Around In The Pool

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When summer weather brings on the humidity and the sweat, long-wearing and waterproof makeup products are a must. While it's not always the best for your skin to layer on the makeup for a day at the pool or the beach, sometimes we just want a little glamour while we swim. It's annoying enough to have to worry if makeup is outlasting sweat, and even worse to have to worry if a crashing wave is going to wash off your cat eye. So when it comes to primping for the pool, it's important to have makeup that is totally waterproof. These 14 will help your makeup, from your lashes to your lips, stay flawless all day whether you're racing down a water slide, jumping waves, or just kicking it in the shallow end.

Image: ilya_oreshkov/Fotolia

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