What Would 'Friends' Characters Bring To A Summer Cookout?

Spring showers bring May flowers, and now that those May flowers are in full bloom it's time for some serious summer grilling. Cookouts are a summer staple and regardless of whether you're a grill master or simply enjoy a sunset-colored cocktail outdoors, most of us are bound to enjoy at least a few grill-and-chills during the summer months. Because grilled food and the TV series Friends are two of my all-time favorite things, the increase in temperature has made me muse about what our favorite '90s sextet would bring to a cookout. I don't believe there was a single episode where the Friends cast got to grilling, and I've seen every single episode multiple times. Hence, I am officially very curious.

The hypothetical episode would probably be titled something like, "The One With The Grill And Chill Gone Wrong" or "The One Where Ross Grills A Margarita" because we all know Ross can get a little out of control when margaritas are involved. One thing that would be certain is that at least a few of the friends would have some questionable choices and hilarity would most assuredly ensue. Let's take a trek down a road marked "hypothetical" and take a look at what the cast of Friends would bring to a summer cookout.

Ross Would Bring The Margarita Mix

We all remember how much Ross enjoyed(?) making margaritas while he was being "totally fine" about Rachel and Joey deciding to date.

Monica Would Bring A Turkey

Although turkeys are better placed in Thanksgiving scenarios, we all know that Monica is a pro when it comes to cooking a mean bird. Hopefully someone would place an oversized pair of sunglasses on said turkey at one point or another for the sake of comedy alone.

Rachel Would Bring A Trifle...

Rachel would, of course, make a dessert trifle.

...And The Trifle Would Taste Terrible

Unaware that two pages of her cookbook were stuck together, Rachel would accidentally include ingredients for a shepherd's pie. Luckily, Joey would be happy to finish the entire thing.

Joey Would Bring A Pizza

The pizza would be half-eaten by the time Joey arrived at the cookout.

Joey Would Also Bring Elastic Pants

He's no rookie.

Chandler Would Bring Various Breads...

...to dance on.

Phoebe Would Bring The Veggies

As a staunch vegetarian, Phoebe would bring vegetables to grill.

Phoebe Would Also Bring Various Cocktail Ingredients

We all know Phoebe can drink the rest of the crew under the table.

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