Drake Replaced "Madonna" Lyric With "Rihanna"

Rihanna fans and Drake fans—this is not a drill. While performing onstage in Houston for his Jungle Tour, Drake sang his song "Madonna" with one major change. Drake subbed in "Rihanna" for "Madonna" in the song lyrics, much to the crowd's delight. Understandably, other than freaking out right now, both Rihanna fans and Drake fans are probably wondering why Drake chose to change the lyric in a song that is quite literally Madonna's namesake. Some speculated that this might have been shade thrown at Madonna after the Queen of Pop made some questionable comments about the rapper's kissing skills. Others may have been wondering if social media's favorite Bad Gal has been on the rapper's mind since the two used to go out.

Well, it's quite difficult to say exactly what Drake was hinting at with this song swap, so we can't speak for him. But we can be pretty sure the change was likely not an accident, so it must mean something, right? Here are four potential possibilities that could come about as a result of Drake subbing Rihanna's name into "Madonna," because speculation is the closest thing we have to answers right now.

Potential New Song

Is it just me, or has it been forever and a day since Rihanna and Drake released a single together? Just because they did not work out as a couple does not mean that they can't make beautiful music together, as evidenced by the video above. It would be awesome to see them sing together again!

Possible Collaboration Onstage

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As you might remember, when Drake and Madonna collaborated onstage while he sung "Madonna" at Coachella, there was a bit of controversy over the pair's intense kiss and a lot of laughter over Drake's reaction to the kiss. Perhaps he might be hinting that he wants to revisit a collaboration with Rihanna onstage next?

Maybe Shouting Her Out


As we all know, Rihanna's career is absolutely on fire. Not only does she have a plethora of hit singles, she also has a fashionable wardrobe to die for and a glamorous lifestyle that gives everyone FOMO. It is possible that Drake felt like recognizing how far Rihanna has come as an artist and paying homage to all her great success that she has had so far.

Could Have Been Element of Surprise


This random lyric change is coming from a guy who dropped a surprise album this year with little warning, after all. Maybe Drake felt like saying "Rihanna" since he knew people would not be expecting it and they would be interested to find out what some of his reasons for doing it might have been. Hence this entire post. You're a sneaky one, Drake!

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