Kanye West Sends Kim Kardashian An Anniversary Message That Will Make You Fall In Love With Kimye All Over Again

It has been over a year since the infamous, notorious, and gorgeous wedding of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, the marriage that no one thought would last seeing as how Kardashian's previous marriage only lasted 72 days. However, Kimye not only held their heads high over the mockery, their loving relationship is still going strong. Regardless of how you feel about the pair, it's incredibly clear that they care for each other deeply, and care for their daughter, North West, very deeply. Seriously, it's an inspiring story considering how much hate and criticism both of them rack up on a regular basis. Further proof that you should be giving Kimye the romantic credit they deserve? Kanye posted an anniversary message to Kardashian on Twitter that basically implies that he thinks they are soulmates, and it's literally the cutest thing ever.

It's easy to poke fun at the fact that Kanye's anniversary message missed their actual anniversary by a day, but, come on. I'm sure Kimye were way too busy gazing into each other's eyes — or into their own eyes in a mirror — to take a break to say I love you on social media instead of to each other's faces. The lateness of the message does not take away from how touching it absolutely is.

Hear that, guys? He would find Kardashian and North in any lifetime. As in, even if they were reincarnated as a firefly and a pair of stars, Kanye would find a way to their side somehow. (If you get that Princess and the Frog reference, then you are my new best friend.) So, basically, Kanye considers Kardashian to be his soulmate and their life together with North to be the one that he was always meant to have. If that doesn't tug on your heartstrings, then you must not have heartstrings to tug. I'm tearing up just thinking about it.

This weekend marked a celebration of all things Kimye as we got to see never-before-seen photographs and brand new video from their weekend wedding. Kanye and Kardashian as individual people might not be the most universally beloved, but the fact that they've managed to find love with one another is a truly beautiful thing. A year of being married is a lot longer than most celebrity relationships last even without bringing a wedding into it, and they are continuing to defy the odds by being every bit as enamored and supportive of each other now as they were a year ago when they were walking down the aisle. Feel free to admit they are giving you all the Kimye feels — or don't, but that doesn't stop it from being true.