Dunham Poses In Lingerie Like Only She Can

Instagram is the most popular place for celebs to make body positive statements as of late. Lena Dunham's lingerie photo is her latest body posi effort on social media, and power to the writer and actress for once again being badass and fearless when it comes to showing off her body. Her reach can be felt in another way, since her post will likely give an indie lingerie brand a huge boost in awareness.

Dunham is often in a state of undress on Girls, but that's as her alter ego Hannah Horvath. Still, Dunham doesn't go shy on social media and frankly, it's empowering to see her strip down to her skivvies and pose with lots of confidence and little concern.

Dunham wore a pistachio green, lacy set from Lonely Lingerie, a company who makes "intimates for ladies who view lingerie as a love letter to themselves," as opposed to, say, being something solely utilized to entice a lover. (Can we veer off topic for a second for me to say that I'm in lurve? What a refreshing concept!)

So, no, it's not the Intimate Britney Spears collection, but it's still some damn pretty, sexy underthings. With her slicked back hair and foot-crossed pose, while in her bathroom, Dunham doesn't appear to have a care in the world.

You can't help but love LD's fearlessness and those undies.

And if you weren't familiar with Lonely Lingerie beforehand, here are some of the loveliest offerings. I hadn't heard of them, but you can bet I am going to start shopping their (under)wares now.

Supreme sexiness and all for you, to wear with whatever and however you want. Not to mention how incredibly cool they are.

This is Lulu and she is in her seventh season, she has legs, er, longevity. With all that strappiness, she also appears to have a dominatrix edge. Want! Need! Love!

These pieces are so delicate and sexy to no matter who sees 'em.

Ladies, I have a new favorite undies brand. You don't have to wear sexy undies just for sex. How about for dancing around the old homestead while alone and barefoot? Or while working out? So many options! Thank you, Lonely Lingerie!

Images: Lena Dunham/Instagram (1); Lonely Lingerie/Instagram (4)