Meet Grizzler, The First Dog Photographer

It's 2015 and we still can't talk to our dogs, which is a downright shame. I feel like I could have some really deep, philosophical conversations with my mom's shih tzus about the virtues of bacon and the five second rule. Alas, even though we still can't talk to our dogs, there is a new-fangled way we can kind of communicate with them—through pictures, that is. The "Heartography" camera lets dogs take photos when their heart rate increases, snapping a picture of something just as soon as they get excited about it. Now you can finally see all the highlights of Fido's day.

To test the new product, Nikon sent out Grizzler, the world's "first dog photographer". He wears a heart rate monitor around his chest, which transmits to a camera attached to his collar via bluetooth. As soon as his heart rate increases, the camera snaps whatever is in his doggy field of vision. It turns out there is a lot to get excited about when you're a dog. In case you ever feel like you're taking the little things for granted, you should take a walk in Grizzler's paws, because he can find everything and anything to get excited about, including and not limited to:

These random 'shrooms

BEHOLD their fungus glory.

Somebody's old compost

#Dreams, guys.

A random bobble on a playground

Probably smells like kids and joy and laughter, so yeah, Grizzler digs it.

Other dogs

Welcome to the party, y'all.

A meme

I guess some people call them "cats".


If I were a dog the heart rate monitor would just register me "dead" and turn the camera off. LOOK AT THIS TURTLE. LOOK AT IT.

No, it's cool, I'm calm. It's probably a good thing that they haven't done this for humans, though, because literally all of my pictures would be of my lunch, every time I pass a cupcake shop, and my bed at the end of the day. (Also the billboard of Amanda Seyfried I pass on my way to work, because hubba bubba bubble tape.)

As for Grizzler, you can see the full adventure of his first day on the job as a photographer in the video here:

Images: YouTube(8)