KISS Frontman Paul Stanley's Royals And Rebels Lifestyle Range Is Designed For Dudes, But Rock Chicks Dig It Too

Venerable and veteran rock band KISS wear makeup, have appeared in John Varvatos ads, and they made platform leather boots cool, so they are not that far removed from the beauty and fashion realm. Now, KISS frontman Paul Stanley is launching Royals and Rebels, a lifestyle brand that steers towards men, but I am confident that rock chicks will also appreciate the offerings. I have a feeling the items might be way more unisex than we think.

KISS, as a band, is known for incredible marketing savvy, branding every and anything, but I don't really expect Royals and Rebels to fall in line and overuse any sort of KISS-related logo.

The collection will boast everything from men's clothes to shoes to accessories, along with home décor, food, cookware, and more. So it sounds like it is going to be pretty expansive and if you have a rocker and/or a KISS fan in your life, you will have a go-to range to shop from on all-important holidays, from birthdays to your anniversary to Valentine's Day.

The frontman described the line as merging "the elegance of royals and the attitude of rebels," according to WWD. That means that the undoubtedly rock 'n' roll threads and items will be a bit more refined.


Whatever the case, as a rock chick myself, I am stoked to see what Stanley brings to the table with Royals and Rebels. In fact, here are three ideas I hope he and his team intend to implement, either for to co-opt for myself or for any of the rocker guys in my life.

1. Vests

AFP/AFP/Getty Images

What's more rock 'n' roll than a vest? Yes, vests are somewhat '80s and '90s, but I have been trying (and epically failing) to find a way to incorporate vests into my wardrobe again and this could be a way to do it.

2. Star Pattern Cookware

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Stanley is known as the "Star Child" in KISS, and paints a black star over his eye. And look, he hangs out with P. Hilton! Since it is his signature, and stars can be as royal as they can be rebellious, I'd love a white cookware set, including bowls, dishes, and cutlery, with a black star print sprinkled on the insides, which take inspo from the man behind the brand.

3. Cuffs

Jim Dyson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Cuffs are a great accessory and they are totally unisex. I'd love to wear a thick, black, and leather cuff, maybe with a couple of gem embellishments, even if it were meant for a boy. A pair of bracelet cuffs can toughen up a cute, summery t-shirt dress.

Whatever happens, I am looking forward to Royals and Rebels, since Paul Stanley has such infinite, flashy style that I'm incredibly stoked to imitate.

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