Alexa Chung Wore A Bandana, And We Should All Be Following Suit Immediately

I love to see '90s trends come back into style, but bandanas can walk a thin line between awkward and trendy. Thankfully, we've now seen just how stylish they can be, since Alexa Chung wore a bandana in one of her latest Instagram posts and just looked downright cool. From cold to warmer weather, bandanas are an accessory that, when done right, can look fabulous no matter what the occasion.

Chung has never been one to stray away from a bold style, and I'm constantly looking to her for ways to make seemingly hard-to-pull-off trends look amazing. She manages to make the undone hair style look completely pulled together and her go-to overalls seem like they never went out of style, so it's no surprise that she's made one long gone trend fashionable again.

She looks flawless in her Instagram selfie that combined simple style with stand out accessories to make for one put together travel look. With light washed jeans and a plain navy tee, the star tied a navy bandana around her neck for an ascot-inspired accessory. Her pink lips were what highlighted the look, but her '90s inspired trend showed that a little style confidence can go a long way.

But Chung isn't the first star to try and make the bandana cool again. I guess it's time we all try and embrace the '90s.

1. The Classic '90s Headwrap

Rihanna is a big fan of the bandana trend. She's managed to take the look from her Pon de Replay days to her more recent Bitch Betta Have My Money style.

2. The Slouchy Neck Accessory

Harry Styles made the look his own with his idea of wearing the bandana as a necklace. Pairs well with a button down shirt.

3. A Vintage Approach

If Beyoncé does it, then we should all take notice.

4. The Oversized Scarf

For those chillier summer nights, hop on the Jenner bandwagon. Bandanas truly know no boundaries.

5. The Brightly Colored Scarf

Make any neutral look feel summer-y with this Delevingne-inspired trend. Tie it like a headband, wear it as a scarf, stick it in your pocket — no matter where you wear your bandana, it's guaranteed to make you look cool.