Are You The Lisa Vanderpump Of Your Friend Group? 8 Signs That You Channel The 'RHOBH' Star In Everyday Life

I can't explain why, but for some reason I really relate to Real Housewives. I am not even 25 years old, but there is just something about these wealthy menopausal women that speaks to me. I watch every series in the franchise and, of course, I have my favorites. Not all Real Housewives are created equally. I hate to be the one to break it to you, but some Housewives are just better than others. As much as we want to be like our favorite cast members, it's just not always an accurate comparison. We all aspire to be the queen bee, but that's just not possible. Put simply, the sad reality of life is that we cannot all be the Lisa Vanderpump of our clique.

Yes, we all wish we could be the Lisa, but there can only be one. Is it you? It's a tall order to fill. Do you have what it takes to be the pomeranian loving Brit of your social circle?

There are actually some very clear cut signs that you are the Lisa Vanderpump of your friend group. If you identify with the items on this list, you should feel honored.

1. You're An Animal Lover

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Lisa Vanderpump is never far from her trusty sidekick: her adorable dog Giggy. The pup sometimes gets more attention than the ladies on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and Lisa brings him pretty much everywhere she goes, from vacations to dinner parties to lunch dates. If you love animals and have a strong attachment to your pet, you could be the Lisa of your friend group.

2. You Have A Signature Color

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The reality star's wardrobe is almost one hundred percent pink. She has a signature color and she rocks it. She even has a "pinky happy hour" at her restaurant. If you are at a point where your friends think of you when they see anything of a certain color, you're following in Lisa's footsteps.

3. You Try Your Hardest To Avoid Being In A Mushy Relationship

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Lisa and her husband, Ken, have been together for a long time, but she never brags about it. In fact, she is always trying to downplay the sex and romance in their relationship. If you are the kind of person who describes your relationship with self-deprecating humor, then you are so Lisa.

4. You Have An Inappropriate Sense Of Humor

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There's just something great about a such a proper-sounding lady saying inappropriate things. Lisa can make sexual jokes, curse, and say pretty much anything else that might be considered inappropriate for public consumption and somehow get away with it. If you can slip that sense of humor into every day conversation and pull it off, you definitely have some Vanderpump qualities.

5. Your Jokes Are Often Misunderstood

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I love Lisa on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but I can't say that her fellow cast members always agree with me. Her jokes have come under fire in the past, but she is just telling it like it is and trying to be funny. If you feel like people need to calm down and learn how to take a joke, you're thinking Lisa-style.

6. You Are Always Down For A Drink

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Lisa is the kind of friend who would never turn down a cocktail. She is always down to party, yet she never gets sloppy drunk. She is like some kind of unicorn who always seems to be drinking, but never gets out of her mind. So if you like to rage with some class, it would make sense for you to regard yourself as the Lisa V of your clique.

7. You Are A Nurturer

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Before things took a turn for the worst, Lisa really had Brandi Glanville's back. She is always trying to dispense advice to her fellow Real Housewives cast members and her restaurant staff on Vanderpump Rules. If you take on that mom role in your friend group, you might be the clique's Lisa Vanderpump.

8. You Have An Accent

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This is not a requirement for being the Lisa of your friend group, but having an accent would make you pretty perfect for the role (on top of the other listed qualities, of course).

You might not be Lisa Vanderpump, but being the most like her out of your friends is a close second. If you are the Lisa V of your group, own it and be proud.