Giggy Vanderpump Is The True 'Housewives' Star

When I watch shows like Real Housewives, the cast members become a part of my life in some weird, one-sided way. I know so much about them and talk about them as if I am a member of their clique. I "know" their husbands, children, friends, and even their pets, and sometimes those side characters eclipse the actual housewives. Aside from the actual people who make up the background case of the various shows in the Real Housewives franchise, there are some Real Housepets that are really adorable and entertaining. In fact, one of them has become very popular in his own right. I am sure you know who I'm talking about: Giggy Vanderpump, the majestic Pomeranian that serves as Lisa Vanderpump's sidekick on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills .

Giggy has no storylines of his own and obviously no quotable phrases, but he still manages to be a scene stealer. There have been plenty of times when Giggy outshined everyone else on the show. Luckily, Lisa doesn't seem to be threatened by her dog's undeniable star quality. She has embraced it just like Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans have. Here are 9 reasons Giggy is the real star of RHOBH.

1. He Was In A Lady Gaga Music Video

I could just end the list here. Do you know any other dogs that have been cast in music videos? I certainly don't. I almost forgot that Lady Gaga was in this gif because I was so distracted by Giggy's fierceness.

2. He Met Jennifer Lawrence

Apparently Jennifer Lawrence is on the same page as me and recognizes that Giggy is the real star of RHOBH. If J. Law is a fan of the dog, that should be enough for him to eclipse any of the housewives.

3. He Has A Better Wardrobe Than You Ever Will

I'm pretty sure I've never seen Giggy wear the same outfit twice. He is always dressed to the nines. His clothing budget is definitely higher than mine and I don't hate him at all for it. He is always on point.

4. He Always Has Someone To Cater To His Needs

Giggy gets treated like a king. There is always someone on hand to make sure he is comfortable and happy. He was a star right from the start.

5. He Even Gets Attention For Napping

Some of the Real Housewives just don't deliver when they're on screen, so sometimes Giggy taking a nap is more interesting to watch. He really can make any situation both interesting and cute.

6. He Knows That Real Men Wear Pink

Giggy is very secure with his masculinity. Just like his mama, pink is his signature color and he rocks the color with ease.

7. He Brings Some Much Needed Comic Relief

Sometimes the drama can get too real, so that's why I don't blame the cameramen for zooming in on Giggy to detract from an awkward dinner party fight scene.

8. He Is A Great Dancer

Most of the time, the pooch is not the most active, but when he wants to get his groove on, it's totally adorable and distracting from anything else on the show.

9. He Is Best Friends With Lisa Vanderpump

Well, this is an obvious one, but being best friends with Lisa Vanderpump makes you cooler than any other pet — or Real Housewives cast member, for that matter.

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