Fact: Monica & Chandler Are 'Friends' Funniest Duo

Ross and Rachel may have been the star couple of Friends, but it was Monica and Chandler's relationship that was, perhaps, the most relatable. They were silly when they felt like it, and serious when it counted. They could dance with turkeys on their heads, and make one too many bad jokes, and never feel judged for being who they really are in front of each other. In short, Monica and Chandler are #relationshipgoals, especially after re-watching the series on Netflix. Who doesn't want to be a Monica or a Chandler? Who doesn't want to find their Chandler or Monica? Don't lie. You know you do.

What stood out to me the most about Monica and Chandler's relationship was their willingness to bend for each other. Monica's neatness was borderline insane, but when Chandler cleaned the apartment for her, she didn't freak out — she thanked him. Chandler was the ultimate commitment-phobe, but when it came to Monica, he pushed past his fear to be with the woman he loved. The Bings' relationship was just so right, thanks in great part to both parties' willingness to step out of their comfort zones for love — that, and the fact that they were total weirdos who weren't afraid to let their freak flags fly.

So without further ado, enjoy these 11 moments that prove, unequivocally, that the couple that gets weird together, stays together.

1. When Monica Tried To Seduce Chandler On Thanksgiving

And that's how Chandler lost his toe.

2. When She Knew Exactly How To Apologize

Love means never having to say you're sorry... unless you put a turkey on your head.

3. When They Fought Like This

Love is weird.

4. When They Knew That They Knew


5. When Chandler Got Drunk Monica Into The Party

No judging.

6. When They Were Bad At Being Normal

Just be weird. Always be weird.

7. When They Couldn't Understand Why Someone Wouldn't Want To Be Their Friend

Chandler is a hoot!

8. When Chandler Attempted To Be Spontaneous

...and Monica was real about it.

9. When Monica Tried To Be Sexy With The Flu

...and Chandler was real about it.

10. When Their First Time Together Said Everything About Their Personalities

Monica was rational even in her drunkenness, and Chandler made jokes about how few women he's been with. Classic.

11. When They Decided On Fried Chicken During A Romantic Bubble Bath

Now THAT is how you know you're meant to be together forever.

I rest my case.

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