7 Things Mondler Fans Are Sick Of Hearing

Monica Gellar and Chandler Bing set the standard for what I want out of a relationship. They showed us a working example of a beautiful (albeit fictional) relationship based on having and giving, and loving and receiving. Even before Chandler and Monica got together, Friends fans were 'shipping them before 'shpping was ever a thing. However, as with most things in life, there are some haters out there who try to knock down our favorite Friends couple, and Chandler and Monica fans are tired of it.

Though Friends began with its focus on Ross and Rachel, the introduction of Chandler and Monica gave us a new couple to love — a couple that was solid, a couple made up of two people who had incredible chemistry, and never failed to make us laugh. Furthermore, like all great famous couples of our generation, they were given a hilarious couple name that sounded vaguely like the name of a candy bar — bite into a Mondler today!

Mondler is and always will be the ultimate sitcom couple, and all good Friends fans know that Chandler and Monica's thunder CANNOT BE STOLEN. Here are seven things that Chandler and Monica fans just can't even deal with hearing anymore.

"Monica Should Have Ended Up With Richard"

I know, I know. Richard was great — even the post-mustache Richard. But life works in mysterious ways, and sometimes you decide what you want after its too late and you just have to deal with that. Yes, Monica and Richard had a great, loving relationship, but so did Chandler and Monica. More importantly, they wanted the same things in life.

The ending of Friends would have been a lot less satisfying if Monica had left Chandler for Richard and adopted kids with him. We would have ended the show with Mon and Chandler at odds, and with Monica knowing that her husband would be quite elderly at her children's high school graduation. Worked out much better the way it did.

"Rachel and Ross Were the Best Couple on Friends"

I absolutely adore Friends but Ross was my least favorite of the guys, and the Ross/Rachel dynamic didn't appeal to me the way Monica and Chandler's dynamic did. Yes, sometimes you have to wait until the time is right, but, if a relationship is good, it will endure. You don't have to get together and break up 20 times in order for it to finally work out.

"Chandler and Janice Should Have Ended Up Together"

LOL. Just kidding. No one thinks that.

"It's Weird to Bang Your Brother's Best Friend"

There is some validity to this one. There's something a bit creepy about hooking up with your brother's best friend/your best friend's sister. But they say that all is fair in love and war, and Monica and Chandler were definitely in love so even Ross was able to get on board, eventually.

"Monica and Joey Would Have Made a Cuter Couple"

In the episode "The One With the Truth About London," Friends teased us with the almost-hookup that occurred between Monica and Joey. For a fleeting second, I hoped that this would later lead to a nice pairing between Joey and Monica. Just imagine the gloriously beautiful raven-haired babies they would have! But, as we saw in the imaginary glimpse into Joey and Monica's future, it would not have gone well. Chandler did much better at watching his waistline around Mon's cooking.

"But Chandler Left Before the Wedding"

All real Friends fans remember those horrific moments leading up to Chandler and Monica's wedding, when the gang couldn't find Chandler. We all knew a Chandler freak out was inevitable as the wedding got closer, given Chandler's prior problems with commitment, but to have him missing for almost the entire day of the wedding was a little too close of a call.

He never wavered about his relationship with Monica after that, so I don't think that's a good reason to hold it against him.

"If They Had Such a Great Relationship, Why Did They Hide It For So Long?"

Yes, keeping their relationship a secret from their best friends for so long seemed a little strange but, at the same time, I can see how they would want to keep things quiet for a while. It was the best way to let the relationship develop on its own without jinxing it by letting their nosy friends in on their private affairs. The process of going from friends to more than friends can be a tricky one and, especially with the easily-spooked Chandler, keeping it on the down low was probably a really good thing.

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