Cary Fukunaga Exits 'It' Remake As Director, But What Would These 9 Films Have Been Like With Their Original Directors?

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As worn out as I am by the "remake" trend, I was still relatively excited to see Jane Eyre True Detective director Cary Fukunaga take on Stephen King's It for the new adaptation. The visually adroit, charmingly haunting filmmaker would have been a wonderful courier of the classically scary pop culture fixture, but it was not to be. is alas Fukunaga has stepped down as direct of It, parting was with the production due to creative differences.

Of course, this kind of thing has happened many times before: a great director takes on a new project, only to be ousted for one reason or another. While most of these movies turn out all right in the end, we still can't help but wonder what might have been in a few particularly interesting cases...

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