Karlie Kloss Threw First Pitch At St. Louis Cardinal's Game, Finalizing Her Status As The Ultimate Cool Girl

If you thought Karlie Kloss couldn’t get any cooler, think again. The former Victoria’s Secret model embodied the ultimate "cool girl" status Monday night as she was spotted not only in the crowd at Busch Stadium, but on the mound, winding up. A Missouri native herself, Karlie Kloss threw the St. Louis Cardinal’s first pitch at the Memorial Day game on Monday. Um, that's kind of a dream come true for any baseball fan, wouldn't you say?

Escorted onto the pitcher’s mound by none other than the St. Louis baseball team's mascot Fredbird, the supermodel wound and released the ball with ease. To share in the moment, and apparently to soak up some much-needed moral support, Kloss brought dog baby Joe and papa Kurt along for the ride. Later that evening Kloss took to Instagram, admitting, “I have not been this nervous for anything in years! I am so relieved my pitch made it across home plate!” No worries, Karlie; I'm sure even if you missed home completely, no one would have said anything.

Note the authentic Cardinal uniform with "Kloss" embroidered across her back. I'm thinking she could make a pretty penny modeling jerseys if she ever finds time in her hectic schedule to squeeze in another project. What's one more, eh, Kloss?