Sasha Pieterse Reveals Charles' 'PLL' Connection

Ever since the Pretty Little Liars Season 5 finale, "Welcome to the Dollhouse," aired, die-hard fans haven't stopped talking about the Big A reveal, aka Charles DiLaurentis. Who exactly is Charles? Is he really a DilLaurentis? Is Charles Jason's twin? Did Charles kill Mrs. DiLaurentis, potentially his own mother? The questions are infinite, but thanks to a recent conference call with PLL's Sasha Pieterse, who plays Alison DiLaurentis, we know for sure one part of Charles' identity. Are you ready? According to Pieterse, Charles is indeed related to the DiLaurentis family.

"I can tell you that Charles is somehow related to the DiLaurentis family, which is a huge spoiler, so use it wisely," Pieterse reveals. So who else is freaking out — again? Fans have been left in the dark ever since the big Charles reveal and have been challenged to stay calm (if you're a true PLL fan, I know "calm" isn't in your vocabulary) until the Season 6 premiere, "Game on Charles," airs June 2. Thankfully, this juicy spoiler from Pieterse is something to hold us over until next Tuesday hopefully brings some more answers.

Luckily, his DiLaurentis connection is not all Pieterse has to say about Charles, as she divulges another detail to about Alison's relationship with Big A. After asking how much Alison knows about Charles, if anything, Pieterse says not only is Ali in "complete shock" over the entire situation, but, "she doesn't know [anything about Charles]. She has no clue who this person is."

Later on during the call, Pieterse adds that not even she knows everything there is about Charles, especially when it comes to Alison discovering about his true identity, because scripts are still being written and they're still filming. However, the actress does say that Charles is a "self-destructive, hypersensitive, crazy genius" whose "ultimate dollhouse does include Alison."

As for Alison's "twisted" family, it seems the DiLaurentis clan is going to get even more creepy and dark. "We've always known that Alison has a strange family, but now it goes so much deeper and so much darker," the 19-year-old says. "It's really hard for her trust anyone and she can't even trust her own family completely."

Pieterse also teases that the Charles storyline is going in a "super cool direction" and it's "not something [she] expected." So, now that we know Charles is definitely related to the DiLaurentis family, let the theories continue!

Images: Eric McCandless/ABC Family; we-were-born-to-die-xxxx/Tumblr