A "3D Selfie" Is Here For All Your Keepsake Needs

Filtering selfies just isn't enough for some people. You can crop, enhance and color your selfie, which is already a commitment. But if you're going for complete immortalization, you can go get an actual, legitimate 3D selfie. I really don't see why you can't just print the picture, put it in a frame and call it a day. But apparently you just can't. Some people want to immortalize their faces, OK? If you're a Samantha, maybe you want to go all out and immortalize your whole nude body. Your choice. Anyway, if you really want to make a 3D selfie and make your memories last forever, it's just as simple as hitting a button and waiting for all your nightmares to come true.

I'm all for equality, so I guess if we can see 3D Daniel Radcliffe on the big screen, we should be able to 3D-ify your kid too. And why put an average, staged school portrait up on the mantle when instead, you can put a 3D version of your baby's head up for the entire neighborhood to see?

If you're considering embarrassing yourself and everyone in your family, we encourage you to 3D your selfie with this one stop shop. I'm not going to tell you that you won't regret it though.

Selfie your baby!

Guys - do it for the LOVE.

(Available at 3D Selfie, £42.99.)

Make your face into a 3D locket!

(Available at 3D Selfie, £44.99.)

Selfie your family!

The Brady Bunch would've done it, probably.

(Available at 3D Selfie, £45.99.)

Make a key ring selfie!

You'll never be so glad to lose your keys.

(Available at 3D Selfie, £24.99 pounds.)

Images: Getty Images; MySelfieIn3D