On 'The Bachelorette' Amy Schumer Proved She's The Best Friend We All Need

If you've ever seen Amy Schumer's stand up, if you've seen her hilarious sketch comedy show Inside Amy Schumer, hell, even if all you've seen is a still of her drinking from a wine glass the size of John Travolta's head, you've undoubtedly thought to yourself, Now there's a girl I could be friends with. And after Amy Schumer stopped by The Bachelorette to teach Kaitlyn and the guys a little standup comedy (and teach new "villain" JJ a thing or two) Amy proved herself worthy of even more adoration when she acted as dating guru to Kaitlin and comedy expert to the gaggle of men trying to impress her. Admitting that she is a big fan of the show and seeing right through some of the guys' schticks, she proved that she is everything a girl could ever ask for in a best friend: She's got her friends' (she got three of her real life besties on the ABC show, didn't she?), she can talk about trashy TV for hours on end, and she's prepared to judge and protect her friends from guys who just aren't good enough for them.

In case that's not enough, I've got a few more reasons for you:

1. She'd Watch The Bachelorette With You


Within the first minute of being on the show, Amy admits that she is a huge Bachelorette fan and a huge fan of Kaitlyn. She says there is nothing better than watching The Bachelorette with a group of friends. Why? Because what other way is there to make yourself feel better than by sitting around and judging other people? See? She's already perfect.

2. She Will (Jokingly) Judge Other People With You

And, really, what else are best friends for? When you are fired from your job or dumped the day before Valentine's Day, everyone needs a friend like Amy to point out all of the ways everyone else is totally messed up, while at the same time pointing out just how pretty and perfect you are.

3. She'd Build Your Confidence

One of the first things Amy says to Kaitlyn is how happy she is that she was the Bachelorette the guys chose. "I'm so glad it's you!" she declares, which is pretty awesome, considering Kaitlyn is just a minor celebrity and Schumer is a firestorm of comedic genius. How gracious of her to make Kaitlyn feel comfortable in what was, I'm sure, a nerve wracking moment.

4. She'd Have Your Back

When the comedian finally meets the guys, the first thing she does is talk up how awesome Kaitlyn is: "You guys, Kaitlin is funny," she emphasizes and then lets them know that they are going to have to really impress her during this group date. They've only just met and already Amy is praising Kaitlyn's wit and letting the guys know they need to step up their game in order to impress her friend. There's no doubt she'd do the same for you.

5. She Brings Reinforcements When She Needs To

Brad Barket/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Taking on a group of seven men can be a lot for any woman, even Schumer. So, when it came time to give the Bachelorette guys advice on how to be funny, she called in three other funny women to help out: Her friends and comedians Nikki Glaser, Rachel Feinstein, and Bridget Everett. Whether it's helping to pan for gold in a group of seven men or providing support after your date doesn't call you back, you just know Schumer would show up for you with the right support right when you need it.

6. She'd Tell It Like It Is When It Comes To Dudes You're Dating

A requirement among best friends is obviously meeting the guy one friend dating and providing an objective overview of his character flaws; it's an essential part of moving a relationship forward. In her Bachelorette episode, the hilarious Comedy Central star did just that, seeing some of the guys for who they really were beyond what they were putting on for Kaitlyn. She called out JJ — who is already rubbing fans and the dudes in the mansion the wrong way — for his lack of humility and sense of humor. Amy calls it a good forty minutes before even we see it when, after securing the group date rose, JJ talks about how confident and cocky he is in front of the other guys who are still vying for Kaitlin's attention. Good eye, Amy. Very well played.

7. She'd Encourage You To Shop Around


When Schumer asks Kaitlyn what her dating vibe is, and Kaitlyn admits to having already kissed all of the men, to which our girl replies with a straight-face, "This is a great turn of events." Only the best kind of friend encourages you to get out there and get with as many guys as you want to. After all, this girl is potentially going to be engaged in less than a month. How else is she going to figure out which guy to marry if she doesn't get to kissing? By looking deeply into each of their eyes while the cameras roll right next to their heads and waiting for a spark to ignite in that oh-so-conducive setting? Pssh. No.

I just hope the comedian and Bachelorette aficionado makes a second appearance when Kaitlyn supposedly sleeps with one of the contestants before the Fantasy Suite. (At least that is what this season's well-edited teaser trailer suggests.) Our girl is just the person to reassure Kaitlyn that there isn't anything wrong with sleeping with that dude. In fact, she'd be just the kind of friend who would tell her it was the best decision she's made all season long.

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