7 Actresses Amy Schumer Should Cast In Her New Fox Comedy Film, Because They'd Be Amazing On-Screen Mothers

Amy Schumer is killing it in 2015. The third season of Inside Amy Schumer, has proven both hilarious and groundbreaking every Tuesday night. Her upcoming movie, Trainwreck, which she starred in and wrote, comes out on July 15, 2015. On Friday, it was revealed that she has a new movie project lined up: Schumer will write and star in a FOX mother-daughter comedy produced by Bridesmaids director Paul Feig. We don't know much else as far as the plot or the rest of the cast is concerned. However, I get the sense that this is the perfect project for Schumer.

Feig has devoted his career to showcasing and providing a space for women in comedy, and Schumer's sketches, especially in the most recent season of Inside Amy, explore issues of feminine representation on television and in film. The 33-year-old and her sister, Kimberly, have already worked together on the show and on Trainwreck. Additionally, a mother-daughter comedy is a great way to explore female relationships, as well as age dynamics in Hollywood, which Schumer has proven she can make very funny.

It will be great to see the blonde's chemistry with another actress, and here are some of my suggestions for Schumer's mother.

Tilda Swinton

Jemal Countess/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Because they love each other. If this happened, I would just die. In a good way. Maybe that's what Amy, her sister, and Swinton were discussing in the above photo.

Deborah Rush

Comedy Central on YouTube

The Broadway veteran and Schumer have already demonstrated that they have great, if tense, mother-daughter chemistry.

Jennifer Coolidge

Comedy Central on YouTube

They also have great proven chemistry on Inside Amy Schumer.

Meryl Streep


Wouldn't this just be amazing? I know it's a stretch, but there's definitely a resemblance, and I love when Streep does comedy.

Patricia Arquette

Comedy Central on YouTube

OK, she's way too young, but it would be a funny commentary on the way that older women are excluded from Hollywood (just like the "Last F**kable Day" sketch they did together).

Helen Mirren


The ages could totally work, and I would be obsessed with this pairing.

Jane Lynch


Now that Glee is over, this would be an amazing next step for the comedic actress.

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