Kaley Cuoco Dyes Her Hair Pink for the Second Time — And It's Just As Awesome

Seems like everyone's dyeing their hair various shades of candy colors lately, eh? I mean, Hilary Duff went full-mermaid with her beachy-wavy (and Kylie Jenner-esque) aquamarine strands (then subsequently switched out the look for ombre pink), Jourdan Dunn got ready for Coachella with her silvery-blue 'do, Julianne Hough and January Jones (noooo, Betty!) both got cotton candy-esque pink hair — and now Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco has joined the party by dying her pixie cut pink... again.

Yeah, you heard that right: This is the second time she'll be sporting pink hair, and it's only been about a month since she sported the look last. She first debuted the look via Instagram in April along with the caption, "Finally went pretty in pink." Well, now it looks like she'll be "pretty in pink" all over again, because she paid another a little visit to her stylist Vanessa Paeth over at the Andy Lecompte salon over the weekend, and the adorably pastel hair is officially back.

Luckily, her pale pink pixie is just as fab this time around as it was last time around — so maybe she'll keep the look longer this time? I'm sure Penny could rock the look on Big Bang Theory, no matter how much it would freak Sheldon out!

Plus, it sure makes for a great Memorial Day Weekend look:

Pretty darn fetching, right? How do you feel about the whole candy-colored hair trend? I'd be all in if my super-stubborn Asian hair wasn't so darn difficult to bleach.

Images: Getty Images; Instagram