When Will 'Young & Hungry' Return? Waiting For Gabi & Josh To Get Together Will Be Rough

It looks like ABC Family has fallen deeply in love with Young & Hungry, because they went from the 10-episode first season to a 20 episode order for Young & Hungry Season 2. So, when the May 27 spring finale airs, it might seem like a finale, but it's really more of a time out — because Young & Hungry will return from hiatus on August 12. It's taking a summer vacation that doubles as a big breaking point for the season, while Gabi struggles with not just the denouement of the love triangle between Coop and Josh, but also her career as a chef.

But, with another 10 episodes left in the season, there's plenty more story that needs to happen before the real finale. Episode 10 will no doubt end with a dozen cliffhangers, but I don't think they'll wind up being permanent. I don't want to get too deep into spoiler territory (so look away if you're squeamish), but the first post-hiatus episode is titled, "Young & How Gabi Got Her Job Back." So, I don't think the Switzerland job that's being teased will necessarily last that long. This show, like many a sitcom, thrives on wildly swinging back and forth between teasing huge changes and keeping things the same. It's basically That Girl with food blogs.

Since Season 2 premiered three months earlier than Season 1 did, the long break actually won't delay the ending of the show by much at all. If anything, this break just means that there will be plenty of Young & Hungry episodes year-round, doled out 10 at a time. And, the next 10 have plenty of story possibilities they could try out.

1. Try A Time Jump

The Season 2 premiere picked up just minutes after the Season 1 finale ended. But, this time around, why not jump ahead a few months after Gabi has already tried moving away, loved and/or hated it, and returned? It's a quick way to get back in the action.

2. Keep Gabi Away From Josh (For Now)

I know, Josh finally said the big "I love you," and it was sweet. But sitcoms often hear the death knell when two characters get together, and Young & Hungry has at least another few seasons in it.

3. Or Try A Relationship That's Not Built On Opposites Attracting

My advice may contradict itself, but that doesn't mean that Gabi and Josh need to. I know they've always had an Odd Couple-esque charm, but, after so many shows like The Mindy Project or New Girl have planned the entire relationship around what isn't compatible about the two leads, it might be nice to see a pair come together based on what they actually like about one another.

4. End The Season With Another Wedding

One of the best moments of Season 1 was Josh's not-quite wedding. Now that Elliot and his boyfriend are engaged, that would make for a perfect Season 2 finale. (Especially if everything goes wrong just like Josh and Caroline's.)

5. Don't Shy Away From Gabi Getting Other Gigs

I know the show is built around the idea that Gabi is desperately in over her head as Josh's personal chef, but now she's built her confidence enough that she should start taking on other jobs around San Francisco.

6. Have A High School Musical Reunion

When producer Ashley Tisdale appeared in the first season, my first thought was, "Where the hell are Lucas Grabeel, Vanessa Hudgens, Corbin Bleu, and Zac Efron?" Let's make this happen, people.

7. Keep Coop Around

There are only so many characters on Young & Hungry, Coop is a good one, and watching a grown up Jesse McCartney is a strange and wonderful experience.

8. More Yolanda, Always

Yolanda knows all. Relying on her even more in the post-hiatus part of Young & Hungry Season 2, starting in August, will make the second season finish even stronger than the first.

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