11 Times Lauren Conrad Was A Champion For Comfort

Lauren Conrad has come a long way from her Laguna Beach days, and even though we’re still mourning over her and Brody’s failed attempts at love, kind of missing all the Speidi drama and watching The Hills (pre-Kristin Cavallari) on repeat, the reality-TV-star-turned-fashion-designer has made quite the name for herself over the years. In a recent interview with the Lux Report, Lauren Conrad said "comfort is key" when picking out outfits, plus chatted about expanding her Paper Crown bridesmaid collection and what influences her designs.

I’ve always been a member of Team LC. I may have been a bit young and absent-minded during her years on Laguna Beach — I caught up years later, big thanks to MTV re-runs — but I followed her religiously through her Teen Vogue days and am a loyal LC Lauren Conrad shopper to this day. Her style inspiration comes from fashion's history, while my style inspiration comes from her Instagram.

When asked about her go-to look, Conrad says on the average day, she is “pretty simple” with a low-maintenance hair and makeup routine, wearing some variation of “a cropped skinny jean, flats and a button-down” layered intricate jewelry. When I think Lauren Conrad, I often think effortless; she’s naturally beautiful, and that beauty is emphasized by the confidence in her simplicity.

Sarah Hummert/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When it comes to fashion, comfort is LC's mantra. If you take a browse through her clothing line, you'll find flowing blouses and comfy sweaters with skirts and pants that are made to look and, most importantly, feel good. "At the end of the day," she tells the Lux Report, "what is the point of looking good if you feel miserable?" Six inch stilettos and chunky jewelry are fun to accessorize with, and pairing them with that LBD you have to suck in to zipper all the way will make you look fab-u-lous, but on the daily, when it comes to fashion, less can actually be more. Case in point: Lauren Conrad.

Whether she's off the clock or designing away, this fashion A-Lister finds the beauty in comfort. Check out a 11 of my favorite LC style moments, and the next time you're convinced you have "nothing to wear," you may surprise yourself what a pair of jeans and that blue over-sized sweater can do.

1. An Itsy Bitsy, Teenie, Weenie, Blue Polk Dot Bikini

Any woman who wears polka dots is a friend of mine.

2. She's Bringing Backpacks Back

Who needs a tote when you've got a blush pink backpack?

3. Cropped Jeans & A Black Tee

This is actually my go-to outfit for fall weekend hang outs. Cropped skinnies with sneakers and a black button down always looks classic with minimal effort.

4. For The Love Of Beanies & Rain Boots

Don't we all wish we could look that adorable in our rainy day lounge wear? A knit beanie and rain boots. Genius.

5. Navy Blue Wedding Guest Dress

Because being fancy doesn't necessarily mean scoop necks and diamonds.

6. Stripes, Shades, & Starbucks

Stripes are always in, and what better way to accessorize than with big sunglasses and Starbucks cups?

7. Go Bold Or Go Home

Bold doesn't always mean that crazy purple and pink patterned cami screaming at you from its respective hanger in the corner of Forever 21. White pants, bright shirt. That's all it takes.

8. It's Bow Time

Normally, I would be rolling my eyes and telling whoever the wearer of said bow to get that school-age accessory out of their hair. However, this is Lauren Conrad. And I cannot bring myself to hate anything she does. I like the bow. Repeat: I like the bow.

9. All White Everything

Painting her nails red and accessorizing with delicate rings makes her classic all white everything outfit trendy.

10. All Black Everything

Because tights, boots, and lace are the perfect combination, and all black everything will never go out of style.

11. Spiked Collar, Winged Eyeliner

A little bit of detail can complete a whole outfit. LC encourages you to think about it.