20 Reasons To Visit Cape Cod This Summer, Because Everyone Should Experience This Idyllic Seaside Escape At Least Once

Of all the summer getaways you could take this season, there's just something about visiting Cape Cod that seems, well, idyllic. When summer rolls around, the days get longer, and the temperatures start to climb, there's one place most of us immediately want to head — the seaside. There's just something calming (and needless to say cooling) about being by the water. Between basking on the golden sand, taking dips in the ocean, feeling the sea breeze lightly crusting your bronzed skin, and falling asleep to the sound of the waves crashing gently on the shore, it's a lackadaisically romantic retreat. Though there are plenty of incredible beaches in the world, most would agree, there's something particularly enchanting about Cape Cod.

The peninsula on the Atlantic Ocean is the quintessential, all-American summer escape. Stretches of sandy beaches, lighthouses dotting the shore, tiny towns, and hydrangeas galore, it's all perfectly picturesque, almost like stepping back into another perfectly preserved era in time. And one of America's most famous families found something magical in the Cape, too. The Kennedys' Hyannisport compound is made up of three houses on six acres of waterfront property, so let's not sell that one short.

Whether you're already in a love affair with the New England coast, or you are just looking to inspire your wanderlust, here are 20 photos that will convince you to visit Cape Cod this summer, ASAP.

1. American Flags Aplenty

You'll be hard pressed not to see that red, white, and blue dotting the coast.

2. Billowing Sailboats


The cape is a sailor's dream.

3. Those Sunsets

Awe-inspiring, to say the least.

4. Lighthouses

Romantic beacons on the shore.

5. Paths to the Shore

They just beckon you to the water.

6. Tiny Villages

There's nothing more charming than a seaside town.

7. Blue Hydrangeas

You'll definitely want to stop and smell the flowers.

8. White and Blue Shutters

The white and blue color combination gets me every time.

9. Adirondack Chairs

Sit back, and watch the tide roll in.

10. Lobster Rolls

When at the seashore, you gotta eat up.

11. That Water

Enough said.

12. This View

It speaks for itself.

13. Docks

Sit and dangle your toes off the edge.

14. Wooden Boats

Old-world style cruising.

15. Crashing Waves

It's the most soothing sound.

16. Coastal Cottages

When can I move in?

17. White Picket Fences

I mean, does it get any more perfect?

18. Colorful Shells

Seashells by the seashore.

19. Fields of Flowers

It doesn't get prettier than bright flowers by the ocean.

20. Oceanside Pools

Water upon water. Dive in!

Images: Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism (2), Cape Cod Cyclist, Alan, Voight, JD, m01229, gardenbeth/Flickr; capecodboatlife, townandcountrymag, chathambarsinn, guidebookcapecod, kgendreauphoto/Instagram; Wequasett, ChathamBarsInn/Facebook