'Seinfeld' Reunion Alert: Jerry Seinfeld & Julia Louis-Dreyfus Reunite On 'Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee' Season 6

Two decades after Seinfeld ended, there are still hopeful whispers in the air about a reunion happening; but, in my humble opinion, those whispers come not from TRUE fans, who know that Seinfeld as an entity is perfect and untouchable as it is. But some people still want it; not that there's anything wrong with that. Jerry throws fans a bone every once in a while, though, like the Larry David version of the reunion on Curb Your Enthusiasm, and now with Jerry's sixth season of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, whose trailer dropped on Tuesday. And to everybody's joy but not surprise: it's gonna feature a whole lot of Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Can I get a hell yeah for this mini Seinfeld reunion?

Of course, aside from this "reunion," there's a star-studded season to come, Jerry shooting the breeze over caffeine with the likes of Bill Maher, Steven Colbert with chill hiatus beard in full effect, and Steve Harvey (who is the gooberiest goob to ever goob). But obviously, Louis-Dreyfus is the set piece, and Jerry knows it: Most of the trailer centers around her, who is Benjamin Button aging because she looks better now than she ever did (teach me your ways, oh wise one). "You're the James Bond of comedy!" Seinfeld tells her, and she just laughs and laughs because she knows it's true. They don't show what kind of car Jerry brought along for Julia, but I'm guessing, on the 007 theme, it's some sort of slick Aston Martin, and he better let her take the wheel (if she wants to, of course).

There's a lot of cute clips of them gabbing, chatting, strolling, yada yada yada. So what are they gonna talk about? Obviously, the unlikelihood of ever doing a Seinfeld reunion is likely to come up in what's essentially a mini-Seinfeld reunion, because the Seinfeld cast loves to get meta that way. Will they gossip about who hated each other on the set? How they felt when they found out the dingo really DID eat that baby? Will they do the classic Elaine dance? All we know is that it's going to be great, and maybe Louis-Dreyfus can swing it so Seinfeld makes a guest appearance on Veep, to continue the tradition of almost-but-not-quite reunions that poke fun at reunions (she recently razzed Seinfeld pretty hard on David Letterman's last show). Maybe they'll talk about Drake's new album. After all, they LOVE the Drake.

Images: welcometoyouredoom/Tumblr