NYC's Mark Hotel Will Provide Shuttle Service To Bergdorf Goodman, Adding A New Meaning To Luxury

If you're looking to spot a celeb in New York City, look no further than East 77th street between Madison and 5th Avenue, where you'll find the Mark Hotel. It's the number one spot for pre-Met gala glam-squadding and festivities, and where Anna Wintour, Kerry Washington, and Emily Blunt have all been photographed departing for fashion's largest night out. It's a beacon of luxury, and this summer, they're pushing the envelope more, because the Mark Hotel will offer their guests shuttle services to Bergdorf Goodman.

The five-star hotel is known for their impeccable concierge care, as the hotel is reserved for NYC's finest visitors. I used to nanny for a family that lived across the street, and believe me, they have their fare share of paparazzi at all hours. Once, I even saw David Beckham come out of there (but all I was wondering was where was Victoria?).

With 24/7 access to Bergdorf already offered to their guests, the hotel is taking it one step further. Using pedicabs, the hotel will take guests to the flagship store on Fifth Avenue. And, if you ask, you can have your driver wait outside the store and pedal your purchases back to the hotel if you want to keep shopping. Fancy, eh?

In addition to the service, guests will receive a $500 shopping spree at Bergdorf, as long as they spend $2000 or more at the store. Those shoppers will also receive a complimentary facial at Bergdorf's spa, according to WWD. This deal will span from June through September, so get your calendar and wallets ready! Personally, I'd have to save for this for the rest of my life, but for you lucky ones, take some photos for the rest of us!

Image: @wwd/Twitter