A 'Mad Max' Tampon Parody Ad? What A Lovely Day!

After they saw George Miller's Mad Max: Fury Road, a thought struck actress/comedian/YouTube personality Whitney Rice and actor/director Doug Hurley: What if feminine hygiene brands tried to capitalize on the movie's female empowerment theme? (Hey, stranger things have happened.) Rice and Hurley knew exactly what to do with this pearl of an idea: write and shoot "MAD MAX: Protector", a Mad Max themed parody Tampax advert.

“The inspiration for the video came after watching Mad Max and thinking, ‘Huh, I wonder what products will jump on the Mad Max bandwagon?'" Rice tells Bustle. "'Probably feminine products— oh, that would make a hilarious series of commercials.'"

She was not wrong to think that; "MAD MAX: Protector" is as funny as it is clever. In the faux ad, Rice-as-Furiosa slams assailants into walls as she deadpans about the absorbent power of Tampax Pearl Active tampons. Imperators: They shed their uterine lining once a month just like the rest of us! The clip will have you howling,"What a day! What a lovely day!" (Be sure to resist the urge to coat your teeth in that chrome spray paint, please. We all know that never ends well.)

Rice and Hurley say we can look forward to two more Mad Max parody ads. You can check out "MAD MAX: Protector" here:

Image: Whitney Rice/YouTube