What 'Arrow' Fans Should Know About Damien Darhk

by Rachel Paige

Attention Arrow fans: It's time to start getting acquainted with Damien Darhk. The DC Comics character is now being teased as the new villain for Season 4, and it looks like he's the next guy to cause havoc in Starling City. While this has not been officially confirmed yet — by either The CW, Arrow, or the wonderful people behind the show — his name has now been dropped enough times and there have been so many clues that he's gotta be up to something when Arrow Season 4 picks up. As Oliver Queen might suggest, we can never be too prepared for the next attack, so here's everything you need to know about Damien Darhk.

Bear in mind that we know little information about him from the show, other than the fact that he has butted heads with (the now dearly departed) Ra's al Ghul, who wanted him dead. Darhk also made a quick pit stop in Starling City, even though we never saw his face. So, Darhk could be anyone, and anywhere, at this current time. However, a recent interview with one of Arrow's producers suggested that wherever he is, Darhk will make his official debut soon enough.

"We first heard about Damien Darhk in episode 321," Marc Guggenheim explained to Variety. "It feels like we’re pulling a True Blood or a Sons of Anarchy where the big bad for the following year is teed up in the season finale of this year, so that’s kind of exciting for me because that’s something we’ve never seen before." That's enough to set fans into a frenzy — those Darhk mentions were no accident. So what else should we know about this guy?

He Has A H.I.V.E.

H.I.V.E. has been mentioned before on Arrow — it's the supervillain organization that's responsible for killing Diggle's brother. In the comics, Darhk works with the second incarnation of H.I.V.E. that fights the Teen Titans, and he has ties to Slade Wilson.

He's A Tech Genius

Darhk appears to have all sorts of tech gadgets at his disposal, and was always one step ahead of the government agencies tracking him. You might even call him a tech wizard, and I get the sense that this trait will carry over to the TV show.

He Appears To Have Eternal Youth

Darhk is described in the comics as having a "baby face" because he appears to be so young. However, considering his connections and intelligence, it was always believed that he was older than he looked. Someone who's much older than they seem, huh? Sounds like someone maybe took a dip in the Lazarus Pit, amirite?

Actually, it's mentioned during "Al Sal-Him" that Darhk was once part of the League of Assassins, and was at one point Heir to the Demon. However, Darhk escaped from the League and took some waters from the Lazarus Pit with him. So we might get to see an eternally young Darhk on the show, too.

He'd Make For A Tough Opponent

The Darhk we'll see on the show will more than likely be a good match — if not better — for Oliver. He was Heir to the Demon, remember, so that means he was a good and worthy successor for Ra's, just like Oliver. He also then escaped, just like Malcolm Merlyn. So think about the combination of those people, and how much destruction is headed to Starling City. Darhk is an accomplished swordsman, a skilled fighter, probably a genius, and he has Lazarus water at his disposal. That's a lot for Oliver to deal with.

He's Already Connected To Another Show

In the comics, Darhk was killed by VANDAL SAVAGE. Is your brain exploding right now? Because mine is. In case you forgot, Savage is the already introduced villain for The CW's midseason Arrow/Flash spinoff Legends of Tomorrow.

If that's not reason enough to bring Darhk to Arrow I don't know what is. Now if you'll excuse me, I'll just be sitting here pondering over the crossover potential until Season 4 finally premieres.

Images: Cate Cameron/The CW; Giphy (6)